Science For Equity Empowerment and Development (SEED)

"Working for technological empowerment and sustainable livelihoods at the grass root levels"

Science For Equity Empowerment and Development has the broad objectives of providing opportunities to motivated scientists and field level workers to take up action oriented and location specific projects aiming towards socio-economic upliftment of poor and disadvantaged sections of the society through appropriate science and technology interventions especially in the rural areas. Under this program efforts have been made to associate concerned National Labs or other specialist S&T institutions with each major program so as to build-in expert input, utilize national S&T infrastructure and link it up with grassroots S&T interventions/initiatives.



Sanctioned Projects
Sl.No Programmes Years
1 STARD Scheme 2004-05[PDF]97.42 KB 2005-06[PDF]86.08 KB 2006-07[PDF]34.88 KB 2007-08[PDF]33.49 KB 2008-09[PDF]89.75 KB --
2 S&T for Women 2004-05[PDF]88.51 KB 2005-06[PDF]96.15 KB 2006-07[PDF]34.84 KB 2007-08[PDF]27.19 KB 2008-09[PDF]84.18 KB 2009-10[PDF]33.52 KB
3 STAWS Scheme 2004-05[PDF]66.63 KB 2005-06[PDF]83.64 KB 2006-07[PDF]22.42 KB 2007-08[PDF]19.11 KB 2008-09[PDF]71.26 KB 2009-10[PDF]15.23 KB
4 TIASN +SYSP Scheme 2004-05[PDF]71.95 KB 2005-06[PDF]74.99 KB 2006-07[PDF]22.6 KB 2007-08[PDF]6.34 KB 2008-09[PDF]94.78 KB 2009-10
5 SCP Scheme 2004-05[PDF]98.66 KB 2005-06[PDF]85.52 KB 2006-07[PDF]32.21 KB 2007-08[PDF]27.13 KB 2008-09[PDF]93.29 KB 2009-10[PDF]45.92 KB
6 TSP Scheme 2004-05[PDF]92.06 KB 2005-06[PDF]76.53 KB 2006-07[PDF]31.69 KB 2007-08[PDF]97.8 KB 2008-09[PDF]91.86 KB 2009-10[PDF]29.96 KB


Specific Outcomes: Technological Interventions for Societal Benefits

  1. Innovative water management: Artificial glacier in Leh-Ladakh Region- extended agriculture season, more output
  2. Quality honey through rock-bee honey collectors and tissue culture based interventions in Sunderbans
  3. Development of assistive device for public bus access for visually impaired- gait analyzer,  and  Intelligent Adaptive Virtual Reality (VR) based Stroke Rehabilitation tool for elderly
  4. Development of cost effective solar panels for domestic needs of water and space heating in remote mountain areas
  5. Grid & Solar powered domestic egg incubator: Suitable for small entrepreneurs, SHGs
  6. Solar food processing technology for making value added fruit bars/rolls from Himalayan fruits
  7. Energy efficient & drudgery reducing systems viz. efficient mini pug mill for clay grinding and electric potter’s wheel; microwavable terracotta pot
  8. Packaged drinking water from dew and rain in Kutch region of Gujarat
  9. Development of Cardamom Polishing Machine & Pepper Thresher for removing drudgery, and more productivity in spice processing : Suitable for micro enterprises, SHGs
  10. 32 Women Technology Parks across the country: Nucleus for technological empowerment of women in rural areas
  11. Council for S&T for Rural India (CSTRI) facilitated at IIT, Chennai and NEIST, Jorhat with technologies related to societal interventions like solar PV and up gradation of handloom in NE.

New Initiatives: Multi-location Network Programmes involving Academia, Field level S&T agencies and Community:

  1. Implementation of Network Programme for Arid and Semi-Arid Regions (ASAR) ; Cold Desert Regions (CODER); and lower Shivaliks
  2. Technology Interventions  for Disabled and Elderly (TIDE)
  3. Technology led alternative livelihoods generation model for tribal around protected area/national parks  
  4. Programme for resource management and development for empowerment of SC population
  5. Programme for technological interventions in N-W Himalaya for livelihood improvement through action research & 
  6. Programme on S&T Interventions in Traditional Crafts (STITC) involving SC community.

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( Supported Groups working on rural technologies under scheme "Technological Advancement for Rural Areas (TARA)", SEED, DST

BIRAC-SRISTI award for biotechnological/medical/healthcare innovation

National Award for Women Development through Application of Science & Technology

Call for Proposals - Scheme for Young Scientists and Technologists

National Awards for Science & Technology Communication- 2017

National Awards for Women’s Development through Application of Science & Technology-2018 -[ Award Advertisement[PDF]2.46 MB ] - [Format[PDF]255.21 KB]

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Scientist - G & Head
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