Clean Energy Research Initiative


Technology Development Scheme


Initiated in January, 2009 the initiative aims to develop national research competence to drive down the cost of clean energy through pre-competitive translational research, oriented research led disruptive innovations & human and institutional capacity development.


CERI is akin to a nursery keeper, who intends to nourishing as many seeds and saplings as feasible, hoping for a fruit yielding tree one day. CERI intends to nurture S&T led breakthroughs to feed in national mission on solar energy.

Aims and Objectives:

CERI has been envisaged to -

  1. Support upstream end of research, where knowledge, more advanced than the current practice in the industry must have a space.
  2. Develop India centric innovations developed around user needs and forge collaboration between industry and academics as much as possible and gain value for such collaborations.
  3. To develop critical mass of researchers to meet requirement of R&D professionals for clean energy.


The scope of initiative includes support for solar oriented fundamental research for solar devices, sub-systems and systems. The initiative supports feasibility assessment of fresh ideas/ concepts,including various emerging and disruptive technologies, for their potential conversion into useful technology/ product.

Thrust Areas:

The envisaged thrust areas are -

  1. Solar energy materials
  2. Solar energy devices (for user direct load applications)
  3. Storage devices
  4. Power electronics for grid synchronization
  5. Capacity building to create critical mass for solar energy research
  6. Development of systems/ subsystems for solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, storage smart energy grid and building energy efficiency.
  7. Convergent Solar thermal technology solutions (25 kw to 1 MW)
  8. Convergent Solar PhotoVoltaic Technology solutions
  9. Any other topic, considered to be of relevance to country needs.

Implementation Approach:

The implementation approach taken is:

  1. Pro-active Identification of challenges, research problems/ topics and mobilisation of thematic proposals;
  2. Design of activities through stakeholders’ consultation;
  3. Coordinated effort through strong linkage with line ministries;
  4. Gainful collaboration through creation of knowledge networks to evolve solutions through tapping the country’s scientific strengths and linking global expertise


Depending on the objectives of the activities specified in the call for proposal launched from time to time, the projects could be proposed by:

  1. Individual academicians and scientists working in public/ private/ voluntary sector, S&T based voluntary organization ;
  2. Academic and R&D Institutions, Enterprises, State Government bodies such as S&T Councils, Autonomous bodies working in solar sector; and
  3. Network of individuals/ institutions may be insisted in the event project activities require multi-disciplinary multi-institutional participation. Several such possible options could include research work by academic / R&D institutions in association with Industry / NGO, demonstration in consortia mode involving R&D institution/industry/NGO, state government line departments, S&T field groups and local panchayats.

Coverage Area:

The Initiative envisages to implement the programme through out the nation.


Proposals under CERI will be entertained only against specific calls. The priorities and commitments of the CERI for every year are articulated in the “ Call for Proposals”, which would appear on DST website in the month of April. The criteria for evaluation and evaluation procedure will be part of call document. Interested applicants may apply against the call. However, next phase of projects supported earlier which are essential for logical conclusion of the project can be considered beyond the call domain.

Project List Year Wise
2010-11[PDF]49.89 KB 2011-12[PDF]94.93 KB 2012-13[PDF]112.36 KB 2013-14[PDF]108.53 KB 2014-15[PDF]100.81 KB 2015-16[PDF]171.15 KB 2016-17[PDF]137.98 KB 2017-18[PDF]116.17 KB
  • Clean Energy Research Initiative (CERI) Proposals will be entertained only against specific call which will be issued from time to time.

Note: Clean energy research initiative prefers to support interdisciplinary multi-institutional networked research projects, synergizing strengths’ of respective partners to deliver efficient devices/systems meeting global benchmarks. The outcome of the scientific development should be scalable and lead to technology readiness in area of clean energy. The deliverables of the projects should have the potentials to change business as usual scenarios.

Webinar on India -Sweden Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Programme on 19th February 2021 (Friday), 1430 to 1530 Hrs (IST)

Solar Energy Research and Development (SERD-2019) [PDF]464.46 KB Last date of  proposal submission is extended  upto  11-11-2019[PDF]0 bytes

Indo US Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) - 2016

Call for proposals for Clean Coal Research & Development (CCORD) - 2017

Call for Oriented Research&Technology Development Proposals on Materials for Energy Storage (MES) - 2018[PDF]125.39 KB  - Application Format[PDF]309.86 KB[PDF]191.04 KB


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