DHI-DST Technology Platform for Electric Mobility (TPEM)

Program Title:             DHI-DST Technology Platform for Electric Mobility (TPEM)


The National Mission for Electric Mobility (NMEM) Plan was launched in April 2015, and a Consumer Incentives Scheme” for Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicles was published in the Gazette of India. It is expected to catalyse the development of the market and by 2020 to reach an annual sales6-7 million vehicles.  This may lead to savings of 9500 Million Liters of crude oil or Rs. 62000 Cr. Savings by 2020. The DST has joined hands with the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) to create a Technology Platform for Electric Mobility (TPEM), that will be funded primarily by the DHI, and the program management will be undertaken completely by DST.

  1. Objectives
    1. to develop technologies & products that specifically address India needs, and
    2. to develop a global competitive edge in select technologies of Electric Mobility.
    3. to strengthen the industry technology capability sufficiently so as to be able to reduce and wean off the consumer subsidy program for electric vehicles in the near future.
  2. Salient feature
    1. An Inter-Ministerial Technology Advisory Group (IM-TAG) has been constituted under chairmanship of Dr. G. Sundararajan, having about 30 experts from academia, industry and Government/ Stakeholder agencies. 
    2. The following six priority areas have been identified for technology development.
      1. Lithium ion Battery
      2. Charging – Low voltage platform
      3. Driving Cycle & Traffic Pattern
      4. Motors & Drives
      5. Ultracapacitor
      6. Light weighting
    3. The mechanism that will be followed by TPEM will be
      1. To create Centers of Excellence (CoE) and Testing Facilities
      2. Formation of Industry Technology Consortia (ITC) led by automotive & component companies, with significant academic participation.
      3. To encourage innovation Program to support scientific research by academia/ laboratories and to support new product development by private companies.

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