S&T Articles

2019: Articles & Blogs

  1. NATMO makes spatial data accessible for visually impaired, virtual tourists
  2. Affordable milk chilling technology at point of harvest can benefit cattle farmers
  3. Technology helps Assam village women craft their sustainable future
  4. Fabric from theromocol & citrus peel waste cleans up oil spills
  5. Research connected to life can boost social media visibility
  6. New technology can help disposal of hospital waste through electric arc-plasma
  7. Smart solar cooker could be solution for community kitchens
  8. DST supports technologies for plastic recycling
  9. Microbial Route to Enhancing Coal bed Methane Recovery
  10. Farmers turn saviours of traditional rice varieties
  11. DST set up clean energy knowledge networks focusing renewable targets
  12. JNCASR: A stellar institution where materials evolve
  13. New model for minimizing air-conditioning demand at India’s airports
  14. India has significant contributions to CERN: DG CERN at Vigyan Samagam, Bangalore
  15. Institutions need unlike minds to innovate together
  16. DST celebrates Independence Day with technologies benefiting people
  17. New soil monitoring technology can help farming decisions
  18. Women entrepreneurs take flight with disruptive technologies
  19. Heading for the electric transformation
  20. Towards low cost energy harvesting from indoor light
  21. Resolving your flattened tyres & waking to a nano dream
  22. IISc scientists develop mathematical metrics for measuring Yoga expertise
  23. Carbon nanotube coated cotton yarns to power wearable devices
  24. Low-cost, indigenous rubbing machine developed for manufacturing LCDs
  25. Low-cost, indigenous technological solution for smog control
  26. Caring for our environment: A nano-tech perspective
  27. CERN probing the origin of universe with India as a key player
  28. Where biotechs take flight
  29. Motor Proteins – Our Busy Machines
  30. S&T brings health for all
  31. Nobel Laureates meet: Students connect scientific questions to societal needs
  32. DST's initiatives tackle air pollution hazard
  33. Future S&T brings competition & help from intelligent machines: DST Secretary
  34. Recognize unexpected findings & fight for it: Duncan Haldane at ISC
  35. DST supported WEE foundation giving wings to women entrepreneurs
  36. Intelligent Placement of Charging Stations for Indoor Robotic Applications

2019: Event Articles

  1. Global Cooling Prize given to support innovative climate friendly technologies
  2. Hon’ble PM inaugurated the IISF 2019 calling for S&T ecosystem encouraging young innovators
  3. DST-CII Tech Summit unveils joint entrepreneurial opportunities for India & Netherlands
  4. Developing country experts discuss hydrogen technologies, market & solutions
  5. Digital Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi Digital Gandhi Gyan-Vigyan inaugurated
  6. DST promotes better science teaching in multiple ways
  7. National Centre for Clean Coal Research & Development inaugurated at IISc, Bengaluru
  8. IISF drives movement to celebrate science
  9. ECIL manufactured power converters will build particle accelerator in Germany
  10. Survey of India to map Gaothans in Maharashtra using drones
  11. New additions to India IPR battalion
  12. Indian science scribes stand strong at World Conference of Science Journalists
  13. India Smart Grids R&D Platform (ISGP) Interaction meeting formulates the way forward to MI-5
  14. Towards low cost energy harvesting from indoor light
  15. Nobel Laureates meet: Students connect scientific questions to societal needs
  16. Second edition of Vigyan Samagam to begin on July 29th in Bengaluru
  17. India's Multi-Venue, Mega-Science Exhibition Vigyan Samagam at Bangalore
  18. Heading for the electric transformation
  19. Government mulls matching grant to industry-supported startups
  20. India-Sweden industry-led R&D programme launched
  21. India first global, Mega-Science Exhibition Vigyan Samagam to begin on May 8th in Mumbai
  22. Vigyan Samagam Exhibition brings world major Mega Science projects together
  23. Nano India highlights India efforts in nurturing nano-science excellence
  24. DST participates in Mission Innovation workshop on hydrogen in energy transition
  25. India highlights country & individual level movements to combat climate change
  26. DST supporting research & entrepreneurial skills among youth
  27. DST programmes boosting Make in India initiative
  28. Ministry of Science and Technology tackles the emperor of all maladies
  29. Core Groups of SEED, DST connecting science to society
  30. Innovations sparkling from remote India wonderlands
  31. Science & technology reaching out, benefitting people
  32. Department of Science & Technology and Doordarshan launch DD Science & India Science Channels
  33. DST tech mission centres on solar energy & water treatment launched at IIT Madras
  34. PM launches country 1st indigenously build supercomputer
  35. Experts from academia, industry & government discuss clean energy solutions
  36. 106th Indian Science Congress begins on 3rd January at LPU, Phagwara
  37. Future S&T brings competition & help from intelligent machines: DST Secretary
  38. Recognize unexpected findings & fight for it: Duncan Haldane at ISC
  39. Jai Anusandhan can connect S&T to people: PM at Science Congress
  40. Science is fun: Nobel Laureates at Childrens Science Congress
  41. Nobel Laureates bury time capsule representing modern-day technologies
  42. Best time to do science in India: I&T Minister
  43. Use technology to create a just vibrant future for women in science: Smriti Irani