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2024: Articles & Blogs

  1. "India has produced over 40 Quantum Technology start-ups in 2 years, few of them with global potential," says Dr. Jitendra Singh
  2. World Environment Day 2024 celebrated in DST
  3. Climate Change Conclave discuss way forward in climate R&D and modeling
  4. Experts discuss policy interventions that can sync with changing S&T ecosystem at brainstorming session
  5. 4th TIPS workshop showcases disruptive technologies that can drive all sectors of economy
  6. Celebrating 125 years of studying the Sun - Kodaikanal Solar Observatory
  7. Fluvial Ichnofossils identified in Siwalik rocks of Pathankot in Punjab indicate semi-arid conditions with low energy deposits in prehistoric times
  8. Scientists develop a pancreas-mimicking system for responsive insulin delivery in diabetes treatment
  9. New material design capable of controlling temperature at which converts from insulator to conductor paves way for novel superconductors
  10. North-East Conclave on Climate Change discusses innovative sustainable solutions
  11. Study of Technology Transfer Centres aiming to increase commercialization of innovations released
  12. Scientists advance our understanding of structural transitions in hybrid perovskites for renewable energy generation
  13. International Women's Day celebrated underlining the importance of investing in women's health & education
  14. A unique methodology to harness and convert carbon dioxide to ethylene will help India's march towards clean fuel
  15. Newly developed, resilient, cost-effective carbon capture technology represents significant advancement towards India's net zero targets
  16. Scientists synthesize breakthrough material that combines metal and glass properties for efficient energy conversion
  17. New catalyst can facilitate urea-assisted water splitting - a new strategy for energy-efficient hydrogen production
  18. Low-cost Sree Chitra valve facilitating the Government's commitment to inclusive healthcare for all
  19. Tracking the solar source of the most intense geomagnetic storm last year
  20. Eco-Friendly wound dressing developed by Indian scientists using banana fibres
  21. EV Experts underline need for synergy between industry and academia
  22. Under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, India is in an era of truly showing the Raman effect i.e. India will progress only through science: Dr. Jitendra Singh
  23. India's 1st septic tank cleaning robot strengthening Swatch Bharat campaign
  24. International collaboration of physicists achieves first successful laser cooled Positronium, a short-lived atom significant for quantum studies
  25. New study tracking pollen from soil of Kaziranga National Park can interpret climate & vegetation change & help inform National Biodiversity Mission
  26. Policy framework for an inclusive science culture for Vikshit Bharat discussed at a Brainstorming Meeting
  27. New prototype developed to generate neurovascular tissues/organoids from autologous blood can help in precision medicine
  28. Brainstorming session on pre-proposal call for NQM brings together researchers to create synergy in quantum research
  29. Scientists uncover unique properties in a multiferroic material potential for energy-efficient data storage
  30. New study unveils significant impact of fossil fuels on Himalayan air pollution
  31. A new method for sodium catalyzed synthesis of carbon nanotubes could be useful for rechargeable batteries & flexible electronics
  32. National Geospatial Policy meets Government commitment to inclusion & progress through access to locational data & related services
  33. Scientists identify a quantum-based model system for better understanding new materials
  34. New niche base station solutions by TIH to realise government vision of affordable connectivity for all
  35. India's First Hypervelocity Expansion Tunnel Test Facility- a major step in the Government's path towards Atmanirbharata
  36. Transforming ordinary glass windows into affordable energy-storing smart glass with adaptive transparency
  37. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launches the theme for National Science Day 'Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat'
  38. Provisions of ANRF Act comes into force
  39. New algorithm can produce better images to study ultracold atoms that exhibit quantum mechanics governed properties
  40. Molecular research shows path towards better treatment of kidney ailments
  41. India-EU Research Collaboration on Water Challenges brings innovative solutions from Lab to the Market
  42. Environment friendly, high-performance alternative to hard chrome plating can produce more durable coatings
  43. 2000-year-old archaeological, botanical and isotopic data in India provide clues to future climate adaptations
  44. Dignitaries trace the evolution of quantum mechanics on 100 years of S N Bose's colossal work
  45. A new alloy developed can act as alternative magnetic refrigerant for minimizing greenhouse gas emissions
  46. Tuning optical properties of liquid crystals with a type of photoactive organic molecule can give novel optical devices
  47. 9th India International Science Festival (IISF) strengthens country's global connect in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation
  48. Results of the 1st VAIBHAV Fellowship calls announced, new cycle of VAIBHAV call launched in the presence of Union S&T Minister
  49. Call for Pre-proposals for setting T-Hubs launched under National Quantum Mission
  50. IISF session deliberates on future strategy to catalyze the STI ecosystem in states
  51. 2nd Indo-French Joint Committee of Science and Technology (JCST), paves way for renewed scientific co-operation
  52. Women Scientists Conclave discusses action plan to overcome mindset challenges for promoting women scientists in R&D & industry
  53. India has become a Country to attain Global Repute with the Strength of Science, Technology, and Innovation: Dr. Jitendra Singh
  54. Mission Governing Board finalises implementation strategy and timelines of NQM
  55. Systematic patterns of magnetic field and ionospheric currents traced in the Antarctica can help space weather studies
  56. Relaxed assumptions can throw better light on Cold Dark Matter of the Universe
  57. Indian delegation visits Hawaii to discuss progress of TMT
  58. Year End Review 2023 of the Department of Science and Technology
  59. Estimations of the heat-budget of Solar Coronal Mass Ejections can pave the way for space weather forecasting
  60. Novel biopolymer film developed with chemical-resistant, edible, and printable properties for food industries
  61. DST mulls over positioning India as global S&T leader for a Vikshit Bharat
  62. High-frequency waves detected in the Martian Upper Atmosphere could help understand plasma processes over Mars
  63. Molecular events identified in biological phase transitions associated with neurogenetic disorders can help therapies
  64. Indigenous equipment developed for mechanical recycling of waste thermoplastic polymers to composites
  65. Human modified food distribution affects aggressive behaviour among elephants


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