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  1. Community seed bank initiative traces & restores heritage rice varieties in Tamil Nadu
  2. Conference brings together astronomy instrumentation experts in Bengaluru
  3. Industry can be roped in for increasing funding of C V Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers: DST Secretary
  4. Sugar-coated pouches in body fluids can help detect cancer
  5. Select students from across India receive awards for their innovative ideas
  6. Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri highlights the role of engineers to move towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat
  7. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurated dashboard, giving complete insight of DST funding
  8. The 9th National Level Exhibition and Project Competition (NLEPC) for INSPIRE Awards MANAK was inaugurated today at ITPO New Delhi. During the year 2020-21 a total of 6.53 Lakh ideas were received from all States and UTs from which 556 were selected
  9. Startling rapid oscillations of brightness discovered in blazar jet rich in gamma rays
  10. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh announces setting up of a Dashboard to share the best technology practices among the Centre and the States
  11. water-related-innovations-can-facilitate-their-sustainable-consumption-experts
  12. Experts discuss the path towards clean energy in cooperation with states
  13. Technological interventions for processing, product development & sustainability could improve farmers income: Experts
  14. Roadmap to augment financial resources for R&D discussed
  15. Scientific administrators discuss pathways to address issues and specific technology needs of the states
  16. PM inaugurates Centre-State Science Conclave in Ahmedabad via video conferencing
  17. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh calls for linking StartUps with Industry right from the beginning as equal stakeholders in order to ensure sustainable Start-Ups
  18. Students participate in SERB-INAE Hackathon 2022
  19. Hydration of proteins could act as a potential marker for an early detection of neuro-degenerative diseases
  20. New device that can extract water from air developed for all geographical locations
  21. Intelligence system and health monitoring solution for EVs can ensure their efficient performance
  22. New method of developing alloys can produce ultra high strength steels for high temperature applications
  23. INAE-NAEK Workshop on Advanced Materials for Sustainable Development provided platform for future collaboration between researchers from India and Korea
  24. Gujarat Council of Science & Technology (GUJCOST) working for the future of science
  25. Traditional art products of Tamil Nadu revived by exploring its scientific properties
  26. Newly identified gene could be clue to treatment of fungal infection in immuno-compromised patients
  27. Study of dust from cosmic dance of a white dwarf and companion star could unravel mysteries behind start of life
  28. A breath of fresh air for bikers
  29. DST Secretary inaugurates the Maharishi Charaka Medicinal Plant Garden at IASST, Guwahati
  30. Scientists formulate model to trace elusive exo-moons from JWST data
  31. India ranks globally 3rd in Start-Up ecosystem and also in terms of number of Unicorns: Dr Jitendra Singh
  32. New biogas-based radiant floor heating system to bring warmth to Leh village
  33. IGSTC Industrial Fellowship Awardees -2022 felicitated
  34. Experts discuss the way forward for a sustainable startup ecosystem
  35. Scientific administrators discuss collaborations on emerging technologies with US delegation
  36. India being a leader in disaster management, the world looks up to us for global challenges such as climate change: Dr Jitendra Singh
  37. Experts discussed best plans for Indo-US joint research projects to be implemented through TIHs
  38. Deciphering of physical characteristics of a rare class of supernovae hint towards advanced stage of evolution of special class of very hot & massive stars
  39. NAC discussed the way forward for National Initiative on Science, Technology and Innovation Statistics (NISTIS)
  40. New scheme launched to augment research capabilities in state universities and colleges
  41. Researchers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand recommended for ISRF fellowship to work in India
  42. Biodegradable biopolymer nanocomposite that detects relative humidity can monitor packed food freshness
  43. IISc DST-CPR provides evidence-based recommendations for enhancing decision-making processes in STI
  44. New low-cost, polymer-based electrode can increase electrochemical performance of supercapacitors in wearable integrated devices
  45. DST INSPIRE fellow leads study unveiling the secret of distant dwarf galaxy formation
  46. New testing facility can help construct better walls and roads
  47. Capacity building can make India global leader in Good Laboratory Practice: DST Secretary
  48. SERB-INAE Conclave on SERB Digital Gaming Research Initiative
  49. INSPIRE-SHE to encourage talented students towards science research careers without KVPY Examination
  50. Hydrophobic ingredients, in combination with obsolete antibiotics, can counter multidrug-resistant bacteria
  51. Grain shape influences liquefaction of sand, a major earthquake hazard
  52. Scientists solve the curious case of Himalayan glaciers resisting global warming
  53. Covaxin can help in controlling the virus load of SARS-CoV-2 & its variants, reducing disease severity: Study
  54. New memory device with excellent switching characteristics and low-power requirements developed
  55. Scientists develop novel mechanism to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 by blocking their entry to cells & reducing infection ability
  56. Study reports the glacial history (since 33 kilo annum to the present-day) from the less explored region of the Himalaya, Zanskar, Ladakh
  57. Connecting the dots between virus infection and progress of brain cancer
  58. DST will take up the mentorship role to promote start-ups in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities as wealth creators and problem solvers: Dr Jitendra Singh
  59. AI boosts rural connectivity & healthcare
  60. Aditya-L1 Science Support Cell exposes students to processes happening on the Sun, Aditya-L1 mission & observational data analysis
  61. Rapidly charging E-cycle developed with Na-ion batteries and supercapacitors
  62. New co-dopants identified can create better performing and more stable solar cells
  63. First of its kind testbed for autonomous navigation to develop unmanned ground and aerial vehicles inaugurated at IIT Hyderabad
  64. Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh calls for promoting StarUps in "carbon neutral" building construction
  65. JNCASR awards Outstanding Science Teacher Prize
  66. New material discovered can convert infrared light to renewable energy
  67. Reverse solidification mechanism of dense suspensions can help develop smart shock absorbers
  68. Reports on IC-MAP Kickstart Meetings held at IISER - TVM, IIT Hyderabad and IIT kanpur
  69. New genus of treeshrew from Ramnagar in Jammu and Kashmir can provide a precise age estimate for the locality
  70. N95 mask with nanoparticle coating developed using 3D printing technology
  71. DST-IISc energy storage platform moves towards enabling fast-charging solid-state batteries
  72. Functional connectivity changes in the brain after meditation: study
  73. DST promotes scientific approach to Yoga on 8th International Day of Yoga
  74. DST-Centre for Policy Research at PU works towards a robust patent commercialisation ecosystem
  75. Dr Jitendra Singh joins PM in performing Yoga from Jammu
  76. Sleep organisation stabilizes among vipassana meditation practitioners: study
  77. First grassroots innovation-based standards formulated by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  78. newly-developed-ultrathin-heteroprotein-film-better-alternative-isolated-protein-films
  79. Novel experimental framework in fluid dynamics can help in earthquake early warnings
  80. Binary super massive black hole discovered in a system which could be site of future gravitational waves detection
  81. Neutral electron flow detected in Graphene could shape future quantum computation
  82. Need for interventions in National IPR policy highlighted at DST-CPR meeting
  83. DST launches Geospatial Self Certification Portal
  84. TIH efforts reach new & emerging technologies to the rural populace
  85. Glacial advances in the Yankti Kuti Valley synchronizes with climate variability
  86. New manufacturing process for steel alloy powder for developing efficient cooling channels can make pressure die casting more efficient
  87. A Unique Liquid-Mirror Telescope sees first light in the Indian Himalayas
  88. Study attributes tectonic linkage in the northeast edge of the Indian plate to great Assam Earthquake
  89. Priority areas with scientific importance of India and Germany need to be aligned: DST Secretary
  90. Machine learning helps predict new materials for nano alloys, semiconductors & rare earths
  91. Highly excited Rydberg atoms provide framework for preparing atomic qubits for quantum information processing
  92. Technology Innovation Hub paving the way towards Indias cybersecure future
  93. New catalyst for Zinc Air batteries can make them more durable & efficient
  94. Smart material which responds to light stimulus can harness solar energy for applications in soft robotics
  95. AI to make roads in India safer to drive
  96. Renewed MoUs articulate new strategic direction for Indo-Canada S&T co-operation
  97. Low-cost super-elastic buckling restrained braces can improve earthquake resistance of structures
  98. Mechanism that helps active systems escape transformation to glass can aid study of cancerous metastasis
  99. Scientists discover almost 35 million years old rare snake fossil from Ladakh Himalaya
  100. union-minister-dr-jitendra-singh-says-future-belongs-technology-driven-economy-and-calls-building
  101. IP transfer agreements signed for dementia drug molecule & Oxyjani
  102. New low-cost iron aluminide coatings can increase corrosion resistance in harsh media to four times of mild steel
  103. DST needs to invest in all sectors contributing to new & emerging challenges like Climate Change: Secretary DST
  104. Proposals invited from Indian Companies having innovative/indigenous technologies in Waste Domain for technology commercialization
  105. Scientists develop a new model for inferring density inhomogeneity in the solar corona
  106. Researchers find ways for broader design & engineering of reconfigurable magnonic crystals that can transfer information more efficiently than electrons
  107. New smart machine for making welding operations faster, energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  108. Chronic larval crowding in fruit flies steers evolution towards larger and faster hatching eggs
  109. New premium quality wheat variety gives soft and sweet chapatis
  110. Experts discussed implementation of National Education Policy for engineering disciplines & profession
  111. Forest Fires can be an important factor in reducing solar power production in India
  112. Sexual conflict decreases with evolution of shorter effective lifespan of organisms
  113. Scientific administrators discuss ways to make research assessment more robust
  114. newly discovered episodically accreting young star could help probe this rare group in more details
  115. India & Finland discuss possible areas of co-operation in quantum computing for virtual CoE
  116. Plasma-based green disinfectants can limit spread of infectious diseases like COVID 19
  117. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh holds delegation-level talks with the visiting Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Mika Lintila in New Delhi
  118. Sensor- based irrigation system using bank filtration saves water & increases farmer's income
  119. Quantum computers may help test fundamental physics providing universal programmable setup for quantum experiments
  120. Newly patented diagnostic tool for aquaculture pathogen to boost shrimp cultivation
  121. New materials & processes for carbon capture and utilization could show new light for global warming challenge
  122. Scientists decode the reason behind the Chamoli disaster
  123. Low contact resistance metal-semiconductor interface designed for next-generation transistors
  124. Novel tools for visual ion sensing and toxic chemical removal from wastewater developed
  125. Climate & policy experts discuss the seriousness of climate impact on South Asia & adaptation and mitigation steps need for it
  126. Integrated Clean Energy Material Acceleration Platform launched & funding opportunity announced for Hydrogen Valley Platform at MI meeting
  127. Journey from a break in career to a professor with diversified profile
  128. Hidden in Plain Sight: faint galaxy discovered in our local universe
  129. Dr. Jitendra Singh discusses future Science & Technology collaborations with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Mexico
  130. Indian scientists propose multi-sectorial strategies for the prevention and control of pollen allergy
  131. The journey of a physics researcher to a patent associate
  132. India UK science and innovation policy dialogue discussed the priorities of future India-UK collaborations
  133. Polyherbal eco-friendly technology can combat tick infestation among dairy animals
  134. New & upcoming trends in major areas of astronomy in the data-driven world discussed at astronomy meeting
  135. New smartphone-based, portable oxygen kit can provide consistent oxygen supply during disasters and medical emergencies
  136. Interaction between Coronal Mass Ejections plays a key role in their evolution
  137. INSPIRE Faculty Fellows work on surface electromagnetics can augment existing capabilities of RF & microwave devices, improving satellite communication
  138. Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) signs MoU with Tata Steel and LoI with BASF for Scientific cooperation & partnerships
  139. India and Oman agree upon programme of scientific and technological cooperation
  140. Indigenously developed platinum-based electrocatalyst could pave way for low-cost, durable fuel cells
  141. 2D monolayers with potential applications in Self-Powered Flexible-Piezo-Spintronic Nanodevices predicted
  142. A transforming break for a woman in science
  143. DST-INSPIRE Faculty fellow conducting research and development for unique optical materials and optics for energy self-sustenance
  144. DST-INSPIRE Faculty fellow working on doping techniques for monolayer and bilayer 2D-semiconductors for future 2D-electronics devices optimization
  145. Touchless-touchscreen-technology-developed-can-restrain-viruses-spreading-through-contact
  146. A simple image-processing technique to unravel the dynamics of Solar Corona can help detect Coronal Mass Ejections better
  147. Novel strategy to synthesize solid adsorbents for CO2 capture and utilization discovered
  148. Scientists develop energy-efficient hydrogen production by urea electrolysis
  149. Dr Jitendra Singh announces several programmes to increase the participation of women in science
  150. New MoU will help Industry and research institutes from India & Singapore to jointly develop products related to economic & societal challenges
  151. Indian Academy of Sciences: Promoting progress & cause of science
  152. Union Minister for S&T Dr Jitendra Singh says, mentoring young talent is the best investment for India @2047
  153. Ultra-low Thermal Conductivity in Crystalline Solid with promising thermoelectric applications trace to their Local Structural Distortion
  154. Science behind jets of plasma occurring all over Suns chromosphere unravelled
  155. Foundation stone of School of Advanced Materials (SAMat) unveiled at JNCASR
  156. ARIES and IIT Roorkee students to participate in joint PhDs through MoU signed for academic cooperation
  157. Experts suggest measures to revitalize industry-academia collaboration at Post Budget Webinar
  158. Experts discuss ways to transform India through Geospatial knowledge & infrastructure
  159. SARAS 3 radio telescope refutes recent claim of the discovery of a radio wave signal from cosmic dawn
  160. India & Singapore identify smart technologies, healthcare, biotech, green mobility, sustainable urban development as key areas for collaborations
  161. Climate change likely to favor soil-borne plant pathogens for diseases like dry root rot of chickpea in future
  162. 25 Technology Innovation Hubs across the country through NM-ICPS are boosting new and emerging technologies to power national initiatives
  163. India, an attractive hub for foreign investments in manufacturing sector, is on a rising trajectory of innovation: Dr. Jitendra Singh
  164. India evolving as frontrunner in high power computing  
  165. Professor Neena Gupta receives Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians 
  166. Tuning of properties of Gold-nanorods using DC electric field paves way for more efficient way of detecting food contamination
  167. New technology can autonomously repair & restore high-value components such as moulds, turbine blades & aerospace components 
  168. Unraveling tectonic evolution of Greater Maldive Ridge in western Indian Ocean can reconstruct Gondwanaland break up & dispersal
  169. Focus on collaborating to gain from lead expertise of countries: DST Secretary
  170. Study establishing connection between heat stress & local climate zones can help urban climate planning
  171. Atmospheric pressure on surface of Pluto is more than 80,000 times less than Earth: study based on observation from Devasthal observatory  
  172. Novel tools for deciphering mechanisms associated with learning and memory developed by Indian Scientists  
  173. University students, artisans & entrepreneurs learn about bamboo treatment and processing at training program
  174. Woman scientist from Chennai granted patent for green technology producing medicinally important compound 
  175. Indian scientists develop a next-generation probiotic that provides hope for longevity and healthy aging
  176. India to have two National Centres of Excellence in Carbon Capture & Utilization at IIT Bombay & at JNCASR, Bengaluru, supported by DST
  177. New study suggests increase in warming in high altitude Himalayas due to water vapour
  178. New artificial Intelligence-based tools can help finding habitable planets
  179. ARCI Scientists develop energy-efficient method for hydrogen production with less carbon footprint
  180. Easy collection and processing of pongamia through motorised dehusking & oil extraction machines brings confidence to boost biofuel production 
  181. Scientists develop new technology platform to detect SARS-CoV-2 by fluorescence readout 
  182. DST supported Climate Change Research Facility at ICRISAT inaugurated by PM to work on making agriculture more sustainable and climate-resilient
  183. Scientists develop self-disinfecting, biodegradable face masks to combat COVID-19
  184. High wave activity in regions over Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, & South Indian Ocean can pose threat for coastal communities
  185. Swarnajayanti fellows work to pave way for developing strategies to manage and treat attention disorders
  186. INSA catalyses & promotes science by identifying, grooming & developing scientific talent and advising on science
  187. New method can efficiently transform phenol to a key ingredient for manufacturing food preservatives, pharmaceuticals & polymers 
  188. Applications invited for financial support to Indian companies with indigenous technologies in semiconductor & sensors sector for commercialization
  189. IGSTC launches fellowships to facilitate exchange of early-career Indian & German researchers
  190. Indian scientists develop efficient and durable solar cells by tuning the length and porosity of nanorods 
  191. Swarnajayanti awardee from Bangalore working on materials that can make computers more efficient
  192. Applications invited from Indian Women Scientists & Entrepreneurs for prestigious National Tech Excellence Award for Women 2022
  193. Students & scientists from various parts of India and USA discuss characterizing space radiation environment 
  194. Grassroots innovator from Karnataka popular as tamarind maniac selected for Padma Shri for 2022
  195. Young girls & women scientists participate in scientific events on National Girl Child Day
  196. Einsteins idea of reality experimentally proven decisively wrong by Indian scientists, paving the way for more secure information transfer 
  197. New and emerging technologies are powering national initiatives in health, education, energy, environment, agriculture, strategic cum security, Industry 4.0
  198. Experts from India & US discuss challenges & opportunities to combat Climate Change through technology-led Carbon Capture and Utilisation solutions
  199. Slew of COVID preventive technologies ready to take on the challenge of the pandemic 
  200. SwarnaJayanti Fellows work may help understand & compute the entropy of Black Hole systems discovered by Stephen Hawking
  201. India - Sri-Lanka S&T cooperation look towards new areas like waste-water technologies, biotech, sustainable agriculture, big data analytics & artificial intelligence
  202. Products of grassroot innovations, traditional knowledge & students innovations to be available for online sale
  203. Experts from India and Israel suggested expanding scope of India-Israel Industrial R&D & Technological Innovation Fund (I4F)
  204. India & Denmark agree to work together on green fuels including green hydrogen
  205. Activities of 2022 discussed at BRICS STI Steering Committee: India to host 5 events
  206. Motion of some stars holds clue of dark matter shape in barred galaxies
  207. Devices by serial innovator from Anantnag making walnut processing easier for common people
  208. Importance of gender diversity & creation of enabling environment for equal participation of women in STEMM disciplines discussed at workshop
  209. Spectacular landscape changes detected in Gujarats Kachchh region due to major earthquakes in recent geological past
  210. A student innovator who inspired the world with her solar ironing cart is now Indias Batonbearer for the ongoing 16th official Queens Baton Relay  
  211. Special electro-active nanoparticles developed for potential applications in touch & acoustic sensor
  212. DrJitendra Singh said, his Ministry is committed to reach out to potential small and viable start-ups having skill and talent pool, but lacking in resources
  213. Swarnajayanti fellow from Bangalore working on theoretical understanding of strange metals related to high-temperature superconductors
  214. Visually challenged students will have access to user-friendly durable Braille maps using advanced technology
  215. A star with a heartbeat & without a magnetic field discovered
  216. Dr Jitendra Singh launches theme of National Science Day (NSD) 2022: Integrated Approach in S&T for Sustainable Future
  217. Swarnajayanti fellow working to develop technology for prediction and control of vapor explosion induced accidents in boilers
  218. Carbon-rich stars steal heavy elements from their low mass companions  


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