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  1. Experts from India & US discuss challenges & opportunities to combat Climate Change through technology-led Carbon Capture and Utilisation solutions
  2. Slew of COVID preventive technologies ready to take on the challenge of the pandemic 
  3. SwarnaJayanti Fellows work may help understand & compute the entropy of Black Hole systems discovered by Stephen Hawking
  4. India - Sri-Lanka S&T cooperation look towards new areas like waste-water technologies, biotech, sustainable agriculture, big data analytics & artificial intelligence
  5. Products of grassroot innovations, traditional knowledge & students innovations to be available for online sale
  6. Experts from India and Israel suggested expanding scope of India-Israel Industrial R&D & Technological Innovation Fund (I4F)
  7. India & Denmark agree to work together on green fuels including green hydrogen
  8. Activities of 2022 discussed at BRICS STI Steering Committee: India to host 5 events
  9. Motion of some stars holds clue of dark matter shape in barred galaxies
  10. Devices by serial innovator from Anantnag making walnut processing easier for common people
  11. Importance of gender diversity & creation of enabling environment for equal participation of women in STEMM disciplines discussed at workshop
  12. Spectacular landscape changes detected in Gujarats Kachchh region due to major earthquakes in recent geological past
  13. A student innovator who inspired the world with her solar ironing cart is now Indias Batonbearer for the ongoing 16th official Queens Baton Relay  
  14. Special electro-active nanoparticles developed for potential applications in touch & acoustic sensor
  15. DrJitendra Singh said, his Ministry is committed to reach out to potential small and viable start-ups having skill and talent pool, but lacking in resources
  16. Swarnajayanti fellow from Bangalore working on theoretical understanding of strange metals related to high-temperature superconductors
  17. Visually challenged students will have access to user-friendly durable Braille maps using advanced technology
  18. A star with a heartbeat & without a magnetic field discovered
  19. Dr Jitendra Singh launches theme of National Science Day (NSD) 2022: Integrated Approach in S&T for Sustainable Future
  20. Swarnajayanti fellow working to develop technology for prediction and control of vapor explosion induced accidents in boilers
  21. Carbon-rich stars steal heavy elements from their low mass companions  


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