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  1. New finding that explains novel instability of flow of viscoelastic materials in confined environments can help in efficient displacement of granular slurries
  2. Cost-effective, supercapacitor with high capacity to store charge developed by Indian scientists
  3. Current insight on the mechanisms of Cobra venom cytotoxins can help anti-venom therapy
  4. Tree ring isotopes records can help define the nature and strength of the upcoming droughts
  5. Debris flow susceptibility map of Leh valley prepared to help predict increasing mass wasting
  6. Grassroots Innovators conferred Padma Shri for S&T based innovative ways of reviving traditional art and music
  7. Study explains migration events that brought genetic diversity among Nepalese population
  8. Affordable smart windows with energy storage capability can replace traditional ones in modern structures
  9. Artificial synapse developed for brain-like computing with industry-compatible Nitride Semiconductors
  10. New plateau type discovered from Maharashtra could prove to be a repository of information to study climate change effects on species survival
  11. Study traces high rainfall in Northern Bay of Bengal than the other parts of India for the last 10000 years
  12. Resiliency & Sustainability Summit discusses present and futuristic disaster risks & climate contexts
  13. Indo-French Astronomy focus meeting on international mega-projects discusses science vision for the next decade
  14. First evidence of solitary waves near Mars may decode the mystery behind ion loss in the planet
  15. Dr. Jitendra Singh launches DST GeoSpatial Hackathon to promote innovation in India's Geospatial ecosystem
  16. Hemo-halt bandage: a dressing for rapid prevention of blood loss
  17. US delegation expresses keen interest in collaborating with India in areas of Critical and Emerging Technologies
  18. Decoding depositional environment of subsurface sediments in Dibrugarh field of Upper Assam basin: An aided tool for exploration of Hydrocarbons
  19. New technique of corrosion-resistant nickel alloy coatings can replace toxic chrome plating
  20. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh unveils the theme for National Science Day 2023, titled Global Science for Global Wellbeing
  21. Protein found in Zebrafish can regenerate aged degenerated discs
  22. Contribution of women in STEM & biodiversity conservation highlighted at the 10th Women Science Congress
  23. S.N. Bose Centre reaches it to students and researchers on the birth anniversary of Prof. Satyendranath Bose
  24. New electrolyte found can help better ammonia synthesis
  25. Science leaders discuss India's path toward a knowledge intense economy  


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