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  1. Tunable covalent framework with ultrahigh surface area can help tackle challenges of CO2 Capture
  2. New integrative onsite toilet treatment system could unlock circular economy potential of sanitation
  3. Machine Learning challenges earlier concepts about formation of long and short duration Gamma-Ray Bursts
  4. Long-lost wild relative of Ayurvedic therapeutic plant Chopchini rediscovered in Arunachal Pradesh
  5. Study of energetic ion variations during substorm intervals can help improve accuracy of space weather forecasting
  6. An open science policy needed to keep pace with the global shift to an open world: SERB Secretary
  7. SARS-CoV-2 virus variant that showed rapid transmission in Assam, can help predicting local spread of the disease
  8. DST carried out Special Campaign 2.0 from November, 2022 to August, 2023 for disposal of pending matters & promoting Swachhata
  9. Different rates of star formation in spiral and irregular galaxies can help understand dark matter & gravitational instabilities
  10. Potential treatment route for Alzheimer's disease found in natural polyphenol
  11. Cybercrime Investigation Tool developed can track cyberattacks targeting human
  12. Transforming construction for a low carbon future
  13. New pathway designed to improve electronic properties of nitride semiconductors
  14. Scientists fabricated optically active flexible biodegradable polymer-nanocomposite films
  15. DST institutes key drivers in Aditya-L1 mission: Design primary payload, first automated algorithm to detect CMEs
  16. New chemically stable cathode material can make Li-ion batteries more efficient
  17. Newly synthesised cathode materials for sodium ion batteries promises cost-effective and sustainable energy storage
  18. ANRF signifies a higher level of priority & commitment to research and innovation: Secretary of SERB
  19. Novel method to compute emission from accreting neutron stars can help understanding them
  20. Magnetic nano-boost can supercharge antitumor treatment for an alternative cancer therapy
  21. New technology developed to transport of radio frequency (RF) through optical methods could improve digital & satellite communication
  22. New methodology developed can give accurate analysis of the historic time series of images of Sun
  23. Portable smart healthcare solutions using new age technologies can be useful in resource scarce and in remote areas
  24. Natural varnish on rocks in arid regions could inspire protective paints and pigments
  25. Indian scientist develops novel method to improve accuracy and precision of nanomechanical testing technology
  26. A software solution for preventing attacks on 5G networks
  27. Bunch of new Placenta in chip devices can help making pregnancies safe
  28. Unique star discovered that challenges previous understanding of star formation processes
  29. Parliament passes the Anusandhan National Research Foundation (NRF) Bill, 2023 with the Rajya Sabha adopting the Bill by a voice vote
  30. ASEAN-India Working Group on S&T discuss promoting STI partnership to touch the lives of its citizens
  31. Innovation Yatra at four different locations of the country spanning 14 states will sensitize common people about innovations
  32. Lok Sabha passes the Anusandhan National Research Foundation Bill 2023 moved by Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh
  33. ASEAN- India S&T meeting highlights need to leverage more on S&T to bridge urban & rural divide with focus on affordable technologies
  34. Scientists design first-ever 2D composite quantum material useful for spintronic devices like transistors & diodes
  35. DNA-based tools suggest re-classification of Capers, an important natural component of Liv 52 medicine
  36. New technique developed to search for closely merging supermassive black holes
  37. New catalytic process of producing hydrogen offers sustainable method of manufacturing the green fuel
  38. Cobalt- Platinum alloy spiced with manganese is an effective catalyst for methanol oxidation reaction of methanol fuel cells
  39. 3 new lakes may form in Parkachik Glacier in Ladakh due to glacial retreat
  40. 2D nanoflakes of material extracted from iron ore can protect sensitive optical equipment from light-induced damage
  41. New algorithm to quantify terrestrial RFI in space for earth orbiting radio astronomy experiments
  42. Novel features spotted on radiation emitted from atoms falling into a black hole could help understand unification of quantum theory with gravity
  43. Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh visits technology showcase & launches several initiatives targeted towards low carbon economy during CEM 14/MI 8 meeting
  44. Union Minister for Science and Technology Dr Jitendra Singh urges the Indian diaspora Scientists abroad to engage with India says, VAIBHAV Fellowship programme introduced recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a step in this direction
  45. Technology Showcase featuring India's cutting-edge emerging technologies inaugurated on sidelines Clean Energy Ministerial & MI meeting
  46. New tech transfer arrangement for scaling up indigenous knowledge system can help integrate sustainable practices in livestock production system
  47. Organic nanogenerator that harvests light energy can power wearable devices on the go
  48. Low-cost perovskite solar cells with superior thermal and moisture stability developed indigenously by Indian scientists
  49. India and the United States today jointly launched a call for proposals on Critical and Emerging Technology: Quantum Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Transforming Lives
  50. Sediments decode climate and environmental changes on Kaas Plateau around 8664 years BP
  51. Low-energy-consuming switchable smart windows developed based on novel architecture for confining liquid crystals
  52. G20 Research Ministers resolve to transform research and innovation systems to address the challenges of tomorrow
  53. Dr. Jitendra Singh urges the G20 countries to "rise above differences" for addressing the challenges confronting the world and act for global well-being in the spirit of one family
  54. G20 member countries discuss Research Ministerial Declaration at the RIIG Summit today
  55. Indian students participate in 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting dedicated to Physiology/Medicine
  56. Gut bacteria respond quickest to sudden changes of optimum size in surrounding environment
  57. Researchers develop a high-performance anode for next-generation lithium-ion batteries
  58. New low cost technology reduces textile effluent pollution significantly
  59. Joha rice -- the Nutraceutical of choice in diabetes management
  60. Novel observations of the Solar Mean Magnetic Field (SMMF) establish a closer connection to the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF)
  61. Region-specific anti-venoms are required to improve snakebite treatment in Assam
  62. New model for improving high-frequency radio communications, crucial during natural disasters
  63. Indian scientists refute earlier find of fossil of earliest animal in Bhimbetka
  64. VAIBHAV Fellowship Progrsamme announced to connect Indian STEMM diaspora with Indian Higher Educational Institutions
  65. New study reveals higher temperature enhancements during acoustic shocks in the solar chromosphere
  66. 10 Women researchers from India & 2 from Germany to be supported to participate & collaborate in R&D&I projects under IGSTC
  67. Indian Drugs Controller approves first indigenously developed animal-derived tissue engineering scaffold for healing skin wounds with minimum scarring
  68. Astronomers spot a surprising solar eruption that maintains constant temperature
  69. Country's first Dimethyl Ether fuelled tractor ushers a new era of clean fuel applications
  70. Planetary-scale atmospheric wave disturbances can leave imprints on the ionosphere broadly affecting satellite communication
  71. Doctors may soon diagnose peptic ulcer & disease stage by recognising breath patterns
  72. DST supported technologies brings solutions for plastic pollution of the environment
  73. Researchers devise a low-cost method to secure long-distance communication by overcoming distortions
  74. Repurposing Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI) for the management of inflammation: an experimental proof
  75. New study discovers 62 desiccation-tolerant vascular plant species in India's Western Ghats, with potential applications in agriculture & conservation
  76. The green panacea to restore the wastewater disposed during crude oil excavation and processing
  77. Scalable Novel polymeric metal-ligand could help develop robust, flexible Micro-supercapacitors
  78. Records from lake sediments of Indus River Valley in Ladakh help reconstruct climate variation 19 to 6 thousand years ago
  79. Winners of Solar Decathlon India Design Challenge for Net Zero Future Proof Building 2022-2023 announced
  80. Mathematical structure of Quantum Theory reconstructed from Information Principle
  81. India's National Climate Research agenda released at International Climate Research Conclave
  82. New artificial light-harvesting system using organic nanotubes useful for solar cells, photocatalysis, optical sensors & tunable multi-color light emitting materials
  83. Exhibition showcasing impact of Public-Private collaborative funding for the research projects creating products & patents inaugurated
  84. Structural modification can improve catalytic efficiency
  85. New metric can help quantify image quality of the Sun taken from ground-based telescopes
  86. Scientific challenges and opportunities for a sustainable blue economy discussed at G20 RIIG Conference at Diu
  87. G20 Research and Innovation Initiative Gathering (RIIG) Conference on Scientific challenges and opportunities for sustainable blue economy
  88. Observations from 11 global telescopes lead to detection of the brightest flare of a century-old blazar
  89. New cathode material can produce high-performance, cost-effective, environment-friendly Na-ion batteries as next-generation energy storage systems
  90. Rare detection of optical light flickering in at multiple temporal frequencies from a blazar 4.4 Gigalight years away helps estimate its mass limits
  91. Bacteria can protect your cup of tea
  92. A new photonic memory developed with multilevel capability for optoelectronic data storage applications
  93. Newly synthesised biocompatible drug delivery system combined with anti-inflammatory drugs brings potential solution for rheumatoid arthritis
  94. Side event discusses roadmap of international partnerships for sustainable future through Community Resilience Resource Centers
  95. Strange flip-flop behavior of black hole binary star system in Milky Way attributed to its changing mass accretion rate
  96. New way to track particles in soft colloids using optical tweezers can be applied in targeted drug delivery
  97. Metavalent chemical bond holds key to enhance the thermoelectric performance in quantum materials
  98. Smart gel-based sheet can form 3D Printed Conduit helping non-invasive nerve repair
  99. First test launch of new low-cost star sensor developed from off-the-shelf components successfully conducted
  100. Geomagnetic pearl oscillations increase in the recovery phase of geomagnetic storms
  101. Newly developed modern analogue dataset based on biotic and abiotic proxy records could be accurate reference tool for the palaeo-ecological studies in the CGP
  102. National Manufacturing Innovation Survey (NMIS) 2021-22 findings released, can help enhance competitiveness of Indian manufacturing
  103. A chance discovery of a new material could have far reaching implications in superfast data transmission, a major goal of the National Quantum Mission
  104. AI helps improve predictability of Indian Summer Monsoons
  105. A newly fabricated bio-electronic uric acid detecting device can be used for wearable sensors and point-of-care diagnostics
  106. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh announces special drive for promoting StartUps and R&D activities in new and emerging areas in the universities of NE, J&K
  107. Scientists fabricate protein that can help study diseases like multiple sclerosis
  108. Indian biologists put forward novel refinements to fundamental conceptual principles of evolutionary biology
  109. Best practices & policy models of G20 nations for sustainable energy transition discussed at G20 Research Innovation & Initiative Gathering Conference
  110. Cabinet approves National Quantum Mission to scale-up scientific & industrial R&D for quantum technologies
  111. A sustainable Eco-innovative energy transition to be discussed at G20 RIIG conference in Dharamshala
  112. Scientists probe characteristics of a form of plasma wave identified in the Indian Antarctic station, Maitri
  113. Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE) 2023 discussed ways of raising profile of country's innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system
  114. A puzzling tale of distant galaxy GN-z11: the vanishing and reappearing dust veil
  115. Grassroots Innovations Accelerator program announced to support grassroots innovators with entrepreneurial, product & market development
  116. DST Institute to partner Indian Navy in developing secure maritime communications using Quantum Technology
  117. New low-cost substrates can enhance sensitivity of analytical tools for detecting toxic pollutants
  118. NM-ICPS Mission can accelerate technology translation and commercialization through TIHs spanning all over the country- Experts
  119. New method of visual detection of SARS-CoV-2 can identify the infection at early stage
  120. Perovskite Solar Cells with enhanced stability fabricated using inorganic material
  121. Weaning information from fluctuations in electrical resistance in a graphene sheet can help in designing low noise electronic transistors
  122. Novel bi-metallic joining process can create a composite from copper and steel for engineering applications which need high thermal & electrical conductivity
  123. Indian and Belgian astronomers highlight success of collaboration in space sciences
  124. Building a sustainable and circular bio-economy to be discussed at G20 RIIG conference in Dibrugarh
  125. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurates Asia's largest 4-metre International Liquid Mirror Telescope at Devasthal in Uttarakhand in the presence of the Governor of Uttarakhand Lt. Gen (Retd.) Gurmeet Singh
  126. Substrate promiscuity of fungi generated enzyme Laccase shows potential in degrading industrial dye effluents
  127. Astronomers develop a low-cost alternative for satellites to orient themselves in space
  128. Peptides derived from snake venom nerve growth factors can impede the progression of Parkinson's disease
  129. MoC to strengthen research cooperation between India and Sweden
  130. Rare instability dynamics detected in Earth's geomagnetic equator can help understanding their affect on communication systems better
  131. Marching towards identifying Earth's twin beyond the Solar System
  132. Climate change, glacier topography & morphology control glacial retreat
  133. Conference to deliberate critical need for G20 Countries in the area of energy
  134. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launches VAIBHAV Fellowships for Indian Diaspora abroad to mark the National Science Day
  135. Westerlies governed the climatic variations and landscape of Trans-Himalaya historically: study
  136. LoI signed between DST & Fraunhofer ISE on hydrogen & clean energy technologies can accelerate energy transition in India
  137. Medicinal plant commonly called Borthekera in Assamese found to have cardioprotective potential
  138. Conference discusses roadmap for successful implementation of the Geospatial Policy 2022
  139. New study offers hope for children suffering from intractable epilepsy
  140. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh says, Troika of Space, Drone and Geospatial Policy will propel India as a pre-eminent Technological Power in a few Years from now
  141. Digitisation of longest continuous solar observations can help explore impact of variations of the Sun on climate
  142. Solar transient events like ICMEs can make the prediction of space weather uncertain
  143. Unique non-cytotoxic nanocomposite coatings developed to prevent post-surgical infections
  144. Coherent pulsation measured at high energy in luminous binary star system in cloud orbiting Milky Way can help probe its origins
  145. Fluorescent carbon nanomaterial-based immunosensor from natural sources can help early detection of cancer
  146. Galactic chemical evolution plays a crucial role in planet formation
  147. Applying metaverse for deep science is important for economic growth: Dr. Saraswat
  148. Science administrators discuss Research and Innovation for Equitable Society at G20 RIIG inception meeting at Kolkata
  149. India and Argentina Science & Technology Ministers launched a new India-Argentina call for joint proposals
  150. Newly discovered next-generation probiotic bacteria can promote longevity and healthy aging
  151. Growth of SCO depends on collaboration among youth on science, technology & innovation sector: Dr Singh
  152. New finding that explains novel instability of flow of viscoelastic materials in confined environments can help in efficient displacement of granular slurries
  153. Cost-effective, supercapacitor with high capacity to store charge developed by Indian scientists
  154. Current insight on the mechanisms of Cobra venom cytotoxins can help anti-venom therapy
  155. Tree ring isotopes records can help define the nature and strength of the upcoming droughts
  156. Debris flow susceptibility map of Leh valley prepared to help predict increasing mass wasting
  157. Grassroots Innovators conferred Padma Shri for S&T based innovative ways of reviving traditional art and music
  158. Study explains migration events that brought genetic diversity among Nepalese population
  159. Affordable smart windows with energy storage capability can replace traditional ones in modern structures
  160. Artificial synapse developed for brain-like computing with industry-compatible Nitride Semiconductors
  161. New plateau type discovered from Maharashtra could prove to be a repository of information to study climate change effects on species survival
  162. Study traces high rainfall in Northern Bay of Bengal than the other parts of India for the last 10000 years
  163. Resiliency & Sustainability Summit discusses present and futuristic disaster risks & climate contexts
  164. Indo-French Astronomy focus meeting on international mega-projects discusses science vision for the next decade
  165. First evidence of solitary waves near Mars may decode the mystery behind ion loss in the planet
  166. Dr. Jitendra Singh launches DST GeoSpatial Hackathon to promote innovation in India's Geospatial ecosystem
  167. Hemo-halt bandage: a dressing for rapid prevention of blood loss
  168. US delegation expresses keen interest in collaborating with India in areas of Critical and Emerging Technologies
  169. Decoding depositional environment of subsurface sediments in Dibrugarh field of Upper Assam basin: An aided tool for exploration of Hydrocarbons
  170. New technique of corrosion-resistant nickel alloy coatings can replace toxic chrome plating
  171. Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh unveils the theme for National Science Day 2023, titled Global Science for Global Wellbeing
  172. Protein found in Zebrafish can regenerate aged degenerated discs
  173. Contribution of women in STEM & biodiversity conservation highlighted at the 10th Women Science Congress
  174. S.N. Bose Centre reaches it to students and researchers on the birth anniversary of Prof. Satyendranath Bose
  175. New electrolyte found can help better ammonia synthesis
  176. Science leaders discuss India's path toward a knowledge intense economy  


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