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  1. Centres housing major analytical instruments set up to increase access to research & testing facilities
  2. nnovative, Low Cost charging infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of EVs Indian Standards for Low-cost AC Charge Point (LAC) to be released
  3. National Technology Day celebrations highlight surge in entrepreneurship spirit for cost effective tech
  4. Experts Stakeholders discuss COVID Resurgence S&T Perspective
  5. India-UK virtual summit strengthens STI cooperation
  6. Biodegradable yoga mat developed by 6 young girls from Assam may save lakes from water hyacinth menace
  7. Cosmic rays propagating through Milky Way interact with matter producing excess antimatter counterpart of electron
  8. New high-yielding and pest-resistant variety of soybean can help boost countrywide production
  9. Study by Indian Astronomers provides clues to explosion mechanism of supernovae that are key measure of cosmological distances
  10. Integrated Solar Dryer and Pyrolysis pilot plant will help smart cities transform urban organic waste into biochar& energy
  11. Community service centre to make data from India first solar space mission accessible for analysis
  12. Cost-Effective & efficient technology for recycling Aluminium scraps developed
  13. Dignitaries highlight the need to firm up future technologies to tackle upcoming challenges
  14. Experts from India & Japan discussed collaborations for innovations on Hydrogen based technologies
  15. Experts discuss recent innovations trends adopted in decarbonisation and promotion of Hydrogen based technologies
  16. Satellite-based real-time monitoring of Himalayan glacial catchments can strengthen early flood warning & minimize disaster risk
  17. National climate vulnerability assessment identifies eight eastern states as highly vulnerable
  18. National level climate vulnerability assessment report to be released
  19. Punjab new nutrient rich crop & vegetable varieties can cater to nutritional needs of the country
  20. New electronic nose with biodegradable polymer and monomer can detect hydrogen sulphide from sewers
  21. Nine teams of scientists from India & Sri Lanka to research on subjects ranging from food technology to communications technology
  22. Scientists discover the farthest Gamma-ray emitting active galaxy with narrow emission lines
  23. NMSHE ICAR Team awarded for agricultural information dissemination in Leh
  24. SwarnaJayanti Fellow to explore the signatures of New Physics in Neutrino experiments
  25. Non-uniformity of Himalayas foresees significantly large earthquake events
  26. A millet de-huller brings fortunes through value-added products in rural Uttarakhand
  27. Dozen rare quadruply imaged quasars discovered can help determine expansion rate of the universe
  28. INYAS launches multipronged nationwide mass awareness campaign to bust myths about Covid 19 vaccination programme
  29. Supernova explosion traced to one of the hottest kind of stars
  30. India emerging a leader in supercomputing
  31. Kota farmer develops mango variety that bears fruits round the year
  32. Self-propelled railway track scavenging vehicle can replace manual scavenging
  33. New clue about how particles self-assemble can pave the way for understanding dynamics in living cells
  34. National workshop to discuss long standing scientific problems in observational astronomy
  35. Novel technique for tracking solar eruptions that disrupt space weather to be used in India first solar mission
  36. INSPIRE Faculty fellow modifying tiny dots for fabricating optical materials useful for optical sensors, light-emitting purposes, energy conversion & composites
  37. Dignitaries underlined the need to understand and control data at DST Golden Jubilee Discourse Series
  38. A women-led startup develops deep-tech for reliable low-cost internet services to rural areas
  39. IIA explores stellar mysteries over 75 years
  40. Startups can learn from experience and wisdom: DST Secretary
  41. Third phase of Indian Beamline for Materials Research in Japan initiated focusing on industrial application research
  42. Woman scientist credited for making important contributions in the field of female reproduction receives SERB Women Excellence award
  43. Dignitaries highlight problems related to water and climate change on World Water Day
  44. Liberalised geospatial policy & space-based remote sensing policies to do wonders for country
  45. SERB Women Excellence Awardees work has potential to discover resistance-free membrane-centric drugs for infectious diseases
  46. Scientists deliberate on possibilities, challenges & scope of AI technologies at the launch of USIAI
  47. US India Artificial Intelligence (USIAI) Initiative launched
  48. Researcher working on low-cost smart nano devices for detection of disease receives SERB Women Excellence Award
  49. Artificial photosynthesis to provide solutions for carbon capture and conversion
  50. New wearable sensors capable of monitoring biomarkers from sweat can obviate necessity of invasive tests for monitoring health
  51. Possible origin of winds from black hole accretion discs probed
  52. New multifunctional heat sinks can dissipate heat from mechanical devices more efficiently
  53. New state of the materials discovered that can lead to better, tunable, controllable quantum technologies
  54. DST Secretary encourages young scientists to take risks & do profound science
  55. Scientists develop molecular sensor that will aid identifying new drugs of therapeutic value
  56. Classification method based on Deep Learning (DL) network, for evaluation of hormone status, can predict progression of breast cancer
  57. Women leaders deliberate on various policies and best practices to promote women in S&T
  58. Women achievers from India & Japan stress on determination & patience in overcoming challenges
  59. Youth need to focus on innovation & on creating new jobs: DST Secretary
  60. Experts highlight need to address challenges faced by women to increase their participation in S&T
  61. Women Technology Parks give wings to self-reliance dreams of rural women
  62. DSTs programmes provide support for women from all walks & stages of life to boost their career in STEM fields
  63. DSTs schemes encourage women to dream despite societal challenges
  64. Comprehensive gateway of STI information on SERB supported projects on figure tips
  65. New technology for High Electron Mobility Transistor will make India self-reliant in power transistor technology
  66. India Science Research Fellowship (ISRF) 2021 announced
  67. IIG focuses on new methods of predicting earthquakes, magnetic anomaly maps, predicting state of ionosphere
  68. Thought leaders, scientists & industry leaders offer insights on using glue grant to develop education hub
  69. Metal rich environment crucial for light giant planets, but not necessary for heavy giant ones
  70. Technologies offer innovative solutions to water-related problems like clean drinking water & flood management
  71. PSA highlights need for increasing opportunity of knowledge generation at the WIHG celebration of NSD
  72. Scholars deliver talk on range of topics on NSD celebration of ARCI
  73. NSD special lecture harps on the use of S&T to keep people safe, jobs safe & economy safe
  74. Dr Harsh Vardhan awards science communicators, women scientists on National Science Day
  75. Indian and Brazilian S&T Ministers discuss collaborations in range of areas like health, AI, Environment
  76. Science & Technology Policies to immensely contribute India become Atmanirbhar: DST Secretary
  77. Farmers in Himachal Pradesh find new hope in aromatic plants & scientific beekeeping
  78. Scientists develop high-resolution platform to detect the effect of prolonged alcohol exposure on Red Blood Cells
  79. 'Made in India' spectrograph, commissioned on Devasthal Optical Telescope, can locate faint light from distant celestial objects
  80. Liberalization of geospatial policies will boost innovation in the sector: DST Secretary
  81. New molecule developed could be potential drug candidate for the treatment of Alzheimer's
  82. Stakeholders discuss the implications & implementation of the Guidelines for acquiring & producing Geo-Spatial Data and Geo-Spatial Data Services including Maps
  83. Experts discuss role of emergent electromagnetic phenomena in designer thin films heterostructures & hybrids of quantum materials
  84. 12 companies selected for the prestigious National Technology Awards 2020 for commercialization of innovative indigenous technologies
  85. New material found can efficiently convert waste heat to electricity to power small home equipment & vehicles
  86. Scientist from IIT Kanpur develops washable adhesive and related products
  87. India-EU Joint Committee on S&T Cooperation creates action-oriented agenda focusing on ICT, resource efficiency & electric mobility
  88. India emerges key mover of global S&T partnerships
  89. New platform to measure DNA modifications can have potential application in early detection of Cancer, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s
  90. Guidelines for acquiring and disseminating geo-spatial data to make maps & relevant data accessible
  91. Budget announces several initiatives to boost S&T in the country
  92. Hope shines among the flood-hit farmers of Gorakhpur
  93. SERB announces Women Excellence Award 2021 on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  94. PSA calls for unlocking entrepreneurship in design, training youth in machine learning at TIFAC foundation day
  95. Technologies that can benefit the circular economy & negotiate the future necessary for Atmanirbharata: Experts
  96. Vigyan Jyoti programme spreads to 100 districts in 2nd phase initiated on International Day of Women & Girls in Science
  97. Cultural changes, connect of invention & innovation ecosystem can unlock self-reliance potential
  98. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Digitized Data probes Suns rotation over the Century, paving way to predict solar cycles
  99. Experts to discuss research related to heterostructure engineering for quantum materials & devices
  100. Indian astronomers detect huge optical flare in one of the oldest astronomic objects
  101. Paper-based sensors developed by IIT Madras can detect Antimicrobial Resistance and related pollutants easily
  102. New material that can tune electromagnetic (EM) waves to scatter in one direction useful for thin-film solar cells
  103. Study shows significant reduction of heavy metal pollution during COVID-19 pandemic
  104. Students, teachers, principals participated in initiation of engage with science
  105. Engineering of carbon nanotubes and their applications discussed at webinar
  106. SNBNCBS makes notable research progress in computational materials science, quantum science, astronomy, gravitational physics and advanced materials
  107. Innovative ideas of women entrepreneurs all set to make the new normal a better one
  108. Women weavers from Dudhwa Tiger Reserve profit from technological interventions for their looms
  109. Science attaches, science diplomats & representatives of foreign missions in India discussed shaping of STIP
  110. Integrating concepts at the intersection of algebra & geometry could provide better machine learning algorithms
  111. Experts highlight consultation process that went into drafting of comprehensive STIP
  112. A boost to technologies that pole-vaults to the future & connects the past
  113. Experts from central region discussed indigenization of technology, patent and IP rules for grassroot innovators at STIP consultation
  114. Scientists find geological evidence of eastern Himalaya earthquake recorded in history
  115. India's Top Thought Leaders provide their vision and ideas on draft STIP
  116. FISTAB S&T advisory board meeting highlights need for focusing on supporting interdisciplinary problems & translational research
  117. Indian scientific diaspora discussed open science policy, opportunities for innovators, young researchers at the STIP post-draft consultation
  118. Experts highlight the need for strengthening centre-state cooperation, developing researchers network at state level
  119. New ant species discovered from Kerala named after JNCASR researcher, evolutionary biologist
  120. Innovative low-cost intervention tackles water supply challenges in Maharashtra towns
  121. AstroSat's Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope spots rare ultraviolet-bright stars in a massive intriguing cosmic dinosaur in the Milky Way
  122. Scientists develop gold microstructure substrate with tunable wettability useful in water transportation & self-cleaning
  123. New findings on conjectures used in number theory with significance in cryptography on the cards
  124. DST INSPIRE faculty from Chennai working on alternative anti-cancer therapy using transgenic zebrafish
  125. Technology Transfer Agreements to bring countrys first indigenous device for correcting ballooning of brain arteries & device for healing of heart hole
  126. INSPIRE Faculty fellows engineering of heat-tolerant variety with increase in grain yield may improve wheat productivity
  127. Scientists found clue to anomalous behaviour of self-propelled particles like fish schools & flocking birds
  128. Mathematical model provides roadmap to steer between damage to life & economy in a pandemic like COVID 19
  129. Ultra-high mobility electron gas produced can increase information transfer speed & data storage density in quantum devices
  130. New technology can make power generation from waste steam more efficient
  131. Liquid crystal-nanoparticle composites with nanoparticles synthesized from biowaste can reduce power consumption of display devices
  132. Draft 5th National Science, Technology & Innovation Policy guided by self-reliance vision to position India among top 3 scientific superpowers
  133. Plans afoot to increase interaction between journalists and scientists: DST Secretary


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