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2020: Articles & Blogs

  1. INST efforts to make magnetic hyperthermia-mediated cancer therapy as desired therapy for inoperable tumours
  2. DST Secretary highlights importance of industry participation in Quantum Technology & Science in India at ASSOCHAM webinar
  3. Localized strain and partial melts in shear zones may control seismicity in Kumaun Himalaya  
  4. Shadesmart & Radiant Cooling technologies supported by DST promotes energy-efficient cooling in buildings
  5. JNCASR scientists devise adaptive model to estimate & strategize critical resources in pandemic
  6. INST scientists develop simple economical nonsurgical prevention of cataract
  7. IIA scientists discover He-enhanced cool bright stars among the metal-rich parts of Omega Centauri globular cluster
  8. Equipment-free, a simple paper-strip based naked-eye fluoride ion detection and quantification kit in drinking water to evade Fluorosis-based disorders updated
  9. SNBNCBS develops a “No-touch” & “Painless” device for non-invasive screening of bilirubin level in new-borns
  10. Women ranging from college going students to middle-aged housewives prepare for entrepreneurship journey
  11. TIFAC thinking beyond: A small effort to big leap towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat
  12. Bangalore based startup brings mobile app for detection & risk assessment of COVID 19 infected individuals  
  13. India-European Union Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation renewed for next five years (2020-2025) 
  14. Webinar on Popular Science Writing reaches across India & beyond its borders
  15. Seismicity study of Arunachal Himalaya reveals low to moderate earthquakes at 2 crustal depths
  16. Bangalore based researchers synthesize durable, efficient, cost-effective catalyst for sustained & efficient Hydrogen Evolution
  17. DST launches INR 15 Crore fund to support India-Russia collaboration joint R&D and cross-country technology adaptation  
  18. Slanted titanium dioxide nanorods can form efficient self-cleaning surfaces​
  19. Asian elephant cubs show handedness in trunk behaviour earlier than adult usage of trunks
  20. Body fluids like blood, urine, and feces (stool) can provide clue for early detection of colon cancer
  21. INST scientists show that oxide materials can be used for next-generation electronics devices
  22. INAE invites nominations for Innovative Student Projects Award 2020
  23. Role of State S&T Councils goes beyond state in resolving regional problems: DST Secretary
  24. INST develops nanotechnology-based low-cost, method for the production of antiepileptic drug Rufinamide
  25. Gravel geometry of the Indus river unravel its paleoclimatic history
  26. COVID Diagnostic Training Centre at JNCASR kicks off crash course in molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases focusing on COVID 19
  27. Children, women, scientists & employees watched the solar eclipse from DST campus​
  28. ARCI develops scratch-resistant protective coatings for transparent plastics used as pavement markers
  29. INST Scientists develop novel nanotherapy for retarding Acute Myeloid Leukemia gene expression
  30. ARIES to organize live telecast of upcoming solar eclipse on social media
  31. IASST scientists develop software to detect cervical cancer
  32. Study of optical properties of super-massive black-hole can provide clue to emission mechanism from its close vicinity
  33. SERB supported study shows that collapse of respiratory center in the brain may cause breakdown of COVID-19 patients
  34. Recent Delhi-NCR tremors do not signal of a big event, though a strong earthquake cannot be ruled out: WIHG
  35. IIA scientists model to redraw co-evolution of the black hole and galaxy and stellar capture scenarios
  36. CeNS develops humidity sensor for rapid measurement of relative humidity in labs & human breath analysis
  37. ARCI's easy-to-clean coating technology can increase efficiency of solar panels
  38. Observation of Pluto's stellar occultation on June 6, 2020, using ARIES Telescopes could help investigation of dwarf planet's atmosphere
  39. New code to probe the physical conditions of the Sun and the stars using spectral line polarization
  40. ARCI develops erosion-resistant, eco-friendly coatings for airplanes engine components
  41. INST synthesises inorganic-organic hybrid compound that can inhibit breast, lung & liver cancer cells
  42. A device that can detect gastric disorders from exhaled breath
  43. Kerala Start-ties up with SCTIMST to launch IoT based used mask disposal smart bin & UV light-based disinfection device to beat COVID 19
  44. DST Secretary interacts with STIP 2020 Secretariat team
  45. DST constitutes joint Science Communication Forum to promote common policy & best practices
  46. ARCI develops 'Self-cleaning' textiles with nanostructured Titania that can save water detergent and electricity
  47. 3 DST institutes among top 30 Indian Institutions in Nature Index
  48. Public & expert consultation Town hall Meet for STIP 2020 to be launched
  49. Visible light assisted gasochromic sensing of nicotine from cigarette smoke by metal-organic nanotube
  50. JNCASR signs MoU with incubated company for scaling up technology for reducing CO2 to methanol & other useful chemicals
  51. DST releases information brochure on health & risk communication programme focusing on COVID-19
  52. ARCI & Mekins develop UVC-based multipurpose disinfection cabinet for containing surface contamination of COVID 19
  53. Research proposals invited for COVID-19 for bilateral collaboration in science between India & Australia
  54. DST building resilience of SC & STs against COVID 19 through S&T interventions
  55. SCTIMST joins hands provide voluntary service in efforts to combat COVID-19  
  56. COVID 19 testing & research lab at IASST will help treat positive cases early & combat the disease in North East
  57. ARCI develops new environment friendly way to shape ceramics through 3D printing with Methyl Cellulose
  58. Aerosol characterization and radiative effects at High Altitude site in Western-Trans Himalayas
  59. Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute joins hands with Tata Sons to augment production of COVID-19 testing Kits
  60. Study showing stars of varied ages can co-exist in open clusters, provide clue to stellar evolution in the Milky Way Galaxy
  61. Scientists detect ionospheric irregularities during major space weather events that influence communication & navigation systems
  62. NCVTC to develop of host-directed antivirals for COVID 19
  63. CeNS develops low-cost catalyst for hydrogen generation from water updated
  64. Consultation process for new Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy (STIP) initiated updated
  65. IIT, BHU to re-purpose approved drugs from DrugBank database for treating COVID-19 by targeting SARS-CoV-2 main protease updated
  66. We need to examine knowledge chain to see how S&T will lead to Atmanirbhar Bharat: DST Secretary at Rajasthan STRIDE Virtual Summit
  67. ARCI develops low-cost, high-performance tin anodes for high power lithium-ion battery used in EVs
  68. Innovative disinfection & sanitization solutions by common people selected in NIFs Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3)
  69. DST initiates COVID-19 India National Supermodel for monitoring infection transmission & aid decision-making by policymakers
  70. Detection of fluorine in hot Extreme Helium Stars solves their evolution mystery
  71. JNCASR Prof receives grant to organise the prestigious EMBO Meeting on the latest trends in autism research
  72. INAE launches Webinar Series on Engineering and Technology
  73. NCSTC brings out popular COVID Katha in Hindi
  74. Rare earth based magnetocaloric material developed by ARCI for cancer treatment
  75. IASST develops an artificial intelligence-based computer diagnosis framework for rapid and accurate diagnosis of oral cancers
  76. IACS Kolkata INSPIRE facultys work on Black Holes and Gravitational Waves to help understanding fundamentals of our nature
  77. Inspire faculty from NIT Srinagar working on marriage of material science & electrochemistry for sustainable energy
  78. DST-SERB supports study for identification of structure-based potential antivirals against COVID 19
  79. IASST scientists develop herbal medicine loaded smart bandage for wounds
  80. CeNS synthesises novel photo-sensitive cholesteric liquid crystals for display devices at room temperature
  81. Comfortable face mask designed by CeNS could encourage public to use it for long hours  
  82. INST scientists find route to fabricate precisely controlled nanostructures of desired geometry & location on 2D materials
  83. IASST develops a new process for synthesizing crystalline Rubrene useful for optoelectronic devices
  84. RNA extraction kit Agappe Chitra Magna launched commercially for detection of COVID 19
  85. IASST develops electrochemical sensing platform for detecting carcinogenic & mutagenic compounds in food
  86. Novel recipe for fabrication of Transparent Conducting Glass can bring down cost of smart windows, touch screens, solar cells
  87. Molecular shock absorbers buffer axonal tension of nerve cells
  88. SCTIMST to organize commercial launch of Agappe Chitra Magna for detection of COVID 19
  89. Certifying Quantum Entanglement: A step towards Quantum Security
  90. Alternative dwarfing genes in wheat can eliminate rice crop residue burning
  91. A low-cost method to Synthesize Tungsten Disulfide Nanosheets used as catalyst in petrochemical industries
  92. TDB approves technologies to augment India's efforts to combat COVID 19
  93. S&T based innovative solutions by common people participating in NIF's Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3) ready to make a difference
  94. INAE invites nomination for INAE Young Entrepreneur Award 2020
  95. ARCI scientists develop next-generation biodegradable metal implants
  96. JNCASR scientists develop injectable Silk Fibroin-based hydrogel for sustained Insulin delivery in diabetic patients
  97. DST INSPIRE Faculty from Bhopal develops lightweight carbon foam that can replace lead batteries
  98. DST supports assistive tools, technologies and techniques to combat challenges faced by Divyangjan & Elderly during COVID-19
  99. Knowledge Organizations focus on initiatives for socioeconomic rejuvenation and resilience using S&T during COVID 19 pandemic
  100. ARI develop novel process for synthesis of Quantum Dots used in photographing cellular organelles
  101. DST INSPIRE fellow from NIT Calicut developing flexible materials for future electronics
  102. Computer discovers two-dimensional magnets making way for efficient RAM for next-generation devices
  103. NCSTC-GUJCOST Webinar Series to be organised - Overcoming COVID-19 by Awareness & Preparedness
  104. ARCI's breakthrough in developing a Fe-P soft magnetic alloy could help Indian automotive industry
  105. IIG's study of behavior of charged particles in magnetosphere can help design more robust spacecrafts
  106. Study of flowering plant endemism of Northern Western Ghats highlights importance of plateaus in conservation plans
  107. Broadcasting of correlations: a cost-effective approach to perform information processing in large quantum networks
  108. IIT Bombay Professor receives Young Career Award in Nano Science & Technology 2020 for Advanced Transistor Technologies
  109. COVID 19 crisis demonstrates how DST is rapidly evolving as architect of profound science: Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
  110. ‘Green Dispo’ eco-friendly sanitary napkin incinerators: Reaching all corners of the country
  111. Sree Chitra develops 2 types of swabs and viral transport medium for COVID-19 testing
  112. JNCASR Professor elected as International Honorary Member to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  113. ARCI's mechanically stable antireflective coating can increase the power conversion efficiency of solar thermal systems
  114. India’s R&D expenditure & scientific publications on the rise 
  115. Inspire fellow from Pune measuring thermal conductivities of materials to conserve waste heat
  116. DST launches programme on health & risk communication with focus on COVID-19
  117. SERB approves funding for study of mathematical & simulation aspects of COVID 19
  118. Mobile 2D electron gas at oxide interfaces by INST is a promising candidate in modern electronic devices
  119. JNCASR scientists fabricate energy-efficient photodetector for security application
  120. IIA scientists find prodigal stars from first one billion years of the Universe in the milky-way
  121. SNBNCBS develops Nanomedicine to alter oxidative stress for better immune power to treat viral infections including COVID-19
  122. WIHG reveals 35 thousand-year history of river erosion in Ladakh Himalayas
  123. DST supports development of reusable N95 & N99 mask with enhanced antiviral efficiency
  124. JNCASR scientists develop a natural product based Alzheimer inhibitor
  125. Amid lockdown, SCTIMST gears up to meet COVID 19 pandemic with R&D, technologies and products
  126. Study shows that COVID 19 may affect the Central Nervous System causing loss of smell and taste
  127. IIA to conduct online interactive sessions to engage high school and college students in India
  128. Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanocoatings for Disposable Masks: A formidable arsenal against pathogenic COVID-19
  129. DST INSPIRE Faculty develops nanomaterials having energy storage application & optical sensors for water pollution control
  130. UV disinfection trolley can effectively clean up hospital spaces to combat COVID-19
  131. INST scientists find low-cost metal-free nanomaterial towards disinfection of garments under visible light exposure
  132. DST supported startup offers digital platform to monitor ground level situations by integrating with drones for COVID-19
  133. Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute develops magnetic nanoparticle-based RNA extraction kit for PCR and LAMP tests for COVID-19
  134. New simulation code helps study electric field structure in Earth's Magnetosphere where satellites hover
  135. Antiviral nano-coatings to be upscaled for making triple layer medical masks & N-95 respirator to combat COVID 19
  136. Exploring Super-luminous supernovae exploded rapidly and decayed slowly
  137. DST supported NGO network tackle COVID-19 at community level through S&T interventions
  138. Women in Varanasi extended a helping hand to migrant workers, villagers affected by COVID 19 pandemic
  139. TIFAC explores best methods to revive Indian economy post COVID-19
  140. TDB approves support for indigenous company for ramping up production of COVID-19 diagnostic kits
  141. Microreactor developed by ARI produces uniform size of nanoparticles -- a major requirement in biomedical technology
  142. ARIES reach out to people encouraging observation of astronomical events
  143. NIF boosts new varieties of Anthurium, a flower with high market value, by lady innovator from Kerala
  144. New tool can map nanomechanical properties of materials like multi-phase alloys, composites & multi-layered coatings
  145. CeNS uses electrostatics of materials to develop Tribo E mask to protect healthy individuals from COVID 19
  146. A predictive model by JNCASR can help prepare for medical needs for COVID 19
  147. RRI scientists explain the relevance of the mathematical model
  148. Fish gills used to develop efficient low-cost electro-catalysts for rechargeable metal-air battery
  149. CeNSs gold nanostructure substrate can detect interaction between bio-molecules & chemicals in the lab
  150. Chitra GeneLAMP-N makes confirmatory tests results of COVID 19 possible in 2 hours
  151. New model to predict ionospheric electron density can help communication
  152. IIA scientists connect Lithium abundance in interstellar space to new Lithium rich red giants
  153. ARI researchers develop bug sniffer for efficient detection of pathogens
  154. Women in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab prepare homemade masks for villagers to fight COVID 19
  155. Study to identify biomarkers to predict progression from non-severe to severe COVID 19 cases can help interventions
  156. Stable material for organic pseudocapacitor can offer a low-cost scalable energy storage solution
  157. IASST Inspire fellow developing plasmonic semiconductor nanomaterials to remove toxic materials from water
  158. CeNS develops portable sensor to ease heavy metal detection in water
  159. Integrated geospatial platform to help area-specific strategies & decisions in COVID-19 outbreak 
  160. Gamma-ray flux variability of luminous and high energy blazars: clues to blazar emission mechanisms 
  161. Innovative ideas invited by US India S&T Endowment Fund to address COVID-19 challenge 
  162. IUSSTF boosts Indo-US virtual networks to address COVID 19 challenges
  163. Rural Women from Assam prepare products like hand sanitizer, homemade mask to combat COVID19
  164. Indian industries respond enthusiastically to TDBs invitation for proposals for fighting COVID 19
  165. DST funded startup develops kits for testing asymptomatic COVID-19 infections & gears up for vaccine production
  166. NIF brings herbal dewormer for livestock owners from indigenous knowledge
  167. DST supported startup to make natural, alcohol-free sanitizer to combat COVID 19
  168. SCTIMST scientists develop disinfection gateway & facemask disposal bin to fight COVID-19
  169. Computer based nanomaterials by INST Mohali can show the future of nano-electronics
  170. SCTIMST scientists design super absorbent material for safe management of infected respiratory secretions
  171. DST funded company to scale up device to enrich oxygen supply in air for treatment of COVID-19 patients
  172. DST approves funding for developing a gel for nasal passage as prevention for COVID 19
  173. Rapid diagnostic kit being developed by Pune based startup for COVID 19 screening
  174. SCTIMST scientists develop disinfected barrier-examination booth for examining COVID-19 patients
  175. Biofortified carrot variety developed by farmer scientist benefits local farmers
  176. DST invites short-term proposals for developing antiviral Nano-coating and Nano based material for scale up by industry and start ups to combat COVID-19
  177. DST supported healthcare startup developing rapid test for detection of COVID-19 
  178. JNCASR develops versatile coating to stop spread of viruses like influenza and COVID 19
  179. Ionospheric based monitoring of large earthquakes – a plausible space based proxy to derive the seismic source characteristics
  180. DST funded startup develops chemical free silver based disinfectant to fight COVID 19 pandemic
  181. IIT Kanpur researchers to design a cost-effective virucidal coating of surgical masks for preventive measures against COVID-19
  182. NIF invite innovative citizens to participate in Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3)
  183. DST sets up rapid response centre at SINE, IIT Bombay to combat COVID-19
  184. Hand sanitizer prepared by ARCI provided to police personnel on duty during COVID 19 crisis
  185. INAE invites nominations for Life Time Contribution Award in Engineering & Outstanding Teachers Award
  186. DST-SERB announces first set of approved projects to combat CoVID-19 & related respiratory infections
  187. SCTIMST ties up with Wipro 3D to manufacture automated ventilators to meet COVID 19 related crisis
  188. Pune scientists predate ancestry of an Indo-pacific mollusc & trace it to Kachchh
  189. Low cost indigenous material for Li-ion batteries from ARCI can make electric vehicles affordable
  190. Coating developed by JNCASR may prevent transmission of infection
  191. ARCI’s maintenance-free, silent thermoelectric generator converts waste heat to electricity
  192. IIT Kanpur researcher synthesizes new materials to harvest alternate energy
  193. Asymmetry spotted in the ionospheric structure could influence satellite and radio signals
  194. Tech by Pune based Startup incubatee of Scitech Park to disinfect Maharashtra hospitals in Covid 19 fight
  195. Shape of galaxies’ radio glow related to star formation history
  196. DST launches nationwide exercise to map & boost Covid19 solutions with R&D, seed & scale up support
  197. TIFR young scientist awardee working on novel nanomaterials as catalysts to tackle climate change
  198. DST sets up task force for mapping of technologies by Start Ups on COVID-19
  199. ARCI develops low cost, durable anti-tarnishing coatings
  200. DST Inspire faculty at CSIR-CLRI engineers nanozymes for therapeutics, biomedical & environmental applications
  201. Scientists of ARI, Pune develop biofortified, high protein wheat variety
  202. IIT Bombay INSPIRE fellow developing quantum chemistry based software useful for radiation therapy
  203. Glaciers in Sikkim are losing mass faster than other parts of the Himalaya
  204. TDB invites technology proposals for fighting COVID 19 fighting
  205. Starch-based materials developed to stop rapid blood loss during accidents
  206. The flight from plant microbes to rural womens benefits
  207. Vegetation & pollen records show climate fluctuations due to solar irradiation in Himalayas 
  208. IIT Bombay INSPIRE fellow explores how lipids play critical roles in infectious diseases
  209. IUSSTF - Viterbi Program creates long-term S&T linkages between India & US[PDF]0 bytes
  210. BARC INSPIRE fellow enhancing sensitivity of magnetic resonance techniques
  211. Proposals invited on COVID-19 & related respiratory viral infections
  212. ARCI develops technology to improve fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines
  213. NSM: a transformative approach in supercomputing
  214. Black carbon from agricultural burning & forest fire may influence melting of Gangotri Glacier
  215. National Science Day celebrated at CeNS
  216. Training Programme on Innovations & Entrepreneurship held at IASST
  217. Flow Diverter Stent developed by SCTIMST for treatment of Aneurysms of brain 
  218. International Conference discusses emerging technologies & research trends in vibrational spectroscopies
  219. New test with quantum coins & computers for quantum sensing
  220. Scientists from DRDO & IIT Delhi receive National Award for Young Women Showing Excellence through Application of Technology for Societal Benefits
  221. Winners of KPIT Sparkle 2020 announced for best ideas on Mobility and Energy for Future
  222. Scientists have identified bacteria that can replace fertilizers & fungicides in tea plants
  223. ARCI develops Fuel Cell Technology for Disaster Management
  224. Clinical Microbiology: Diagnostic Approach to Infectious Disease Syndromes
  225. India-European Union Flagship Call announced on Integrated Local Energy Systems at India Smart Utility Week
  226. KIRAN scheme of DST lights up S&T paths of thousands of women scientists 
  227. Numerical code developed by IIA can aid exoplanet exploration for a friend in the universe
  228. Sweden and India announce co-funding for a multi-million dollar programme on Smart Grids
  229. Dr. Harsh Vardhan launches women helpline for S&T schemes
  230. CURIE initiative of DST enhancing research facilities in women universities
  231. Evolutionary biologist, inorganic chemist & malaria researcher bag SERB Women Excellence Award 2020
  232. Nano-science should translate benefits for society: experts at ICONSAT
  233. The hand that rocked the cradle swears to eliminate childhood blindness
  234. The journey of the lady up the rocks
  235. Women scientists receive international exposure through Indo-U.S. Fellowship for WISTEMM
  236. Indo-Thai workshop on stellar variability & star formation at ARIES helps strengthen collaborations
  237. Nano-Tech & products by academia & companies showcased at 11th Bengaluru INDIA Nano 2020 
  238. Need to evolve safety as a habit highlighted in celebration of National Safety Day 2020 at ARCI
  239. Students & general public experience research & clinical activities of SCTIMST
  240. Students Buddy Programme organized at JNCASR
  241. WOS scheme eases glide from motherhood to agri-scientist
  242. Grape variety from ARI, Pune gives excellent juice
  243. ARI Scientists Study methane-oxidizing bacteria for methane mitigation and value addition
  244. Earning her freedom to think about global environmental concern
  245. Increase in women scientists extramural research funding highlighted on womens day celebrations
  246. ARCIs cost-effective technology can convert solar energy to industrial process heat
  247. Groundwater affects Himalayan slip and climate as the mountains dance to its tune 
  248. New state-of-the-art In vivo Evaluation facility Sree Chitra can help testing of medical devices
  249. Nominations invited for INAE Young Engineer Award 2020
  250. Proposals invited for infrastructure facilities for post-graduate and higher research
  251. ARCI finds environment-friendly corrosion-resistant coatings for Al & Mg alloys
  252. ARCI scientists develop friction-reducing nanocomposite coatings to increase device life
  253. RRI soaring ahead in astrophysics, soft condensed matter, & other physics areas*
  254. Women Scientists to be awarded for research achievements & technology application on NSD
  255. Graphene from sugar, a sweet protocol
  256. SCTIMST sensitises scientists about harm benefit analysis in animal experimentation
  257. President to award scientists for translating research to popular write up
  258. National Science Day Celebrations at ARIES Nainital
  259. National Science Day brings gender equality in science: President announces key initiatives
  260. Prof Gagandeep Kang highlights need for preparedness, response & research when epidemics & news go viral
  261. Importance of scientific curiosity underlined at National Science Day celebrations at SCTIMST
  262. National Science Day celebrated at ARCI
  263. National Science day celebrated at RRI
  264. DSTs R&D centre sets an example of solar energy implementation
  265. New smart polymeric coating can increase performance of photovoltaic devices
  266. President to award science communicators & women scientists on National Science Day 
  267. 76 new variable stars found in the Galactic open clusters can give us clues about the evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy
  268. First unit to examine DNA for mutations in genes set up at SCTIMST, Kerala  
  269. India-South Africa to strengthen cooperation in Astronomy, RE, Advanced Materials & Indigenous Knowledge 
  270. WIHG International workshop to discuss landslide hazard studies, policy planning & practices
  271. Science communicators to be awarded on National Science Day 
  272. Low cost technique developed to speed up encryption & decryption[PDF]0 bytes
  273. A new research on dense liquid suspensions can help make gears for preventing sports injury[PDF]0 bytes
  274. Affordable stent graft and its delivery system developed for treating aorta enlargement[PDF]0 bytes
  275. Local resource-based livelihoods & hill specific technologies bring new hope for disaster hit Kedar Valley[PDF]0 bytes
  276. DST’s solar powered heating system to warm up Ladakh[PDF]0 bytes
  277. SCTIMST receives UK-MRC grant to study management of patients with multi-morbidity in Indian PHCs[PDF]0 bytes
  278.  ‘Threatened’ grass species found being used by local communities in Western Ghats[PDF]0 bytes
  279. ARIES scientists participated in a study that identified places to look for extraterrestrial intelligence[PDF]0 bytes
  280. INAE fellows & experts discuss Role of Hydrogen in India's Energy Strategy[PDF]0 bytes
  281. Heritage exhibited digitally, disseminating essence of Incredible India: Dr. Harsh Vardhan
  282. Technology should increase efficiency & ensure sustainability: DST Secretary on TIFAC foundation day
  283. Leading scientists from Indian & abroad discuss Modern Approaches in Chemistry & Biology at JNCASR
  284. SCTIMST develops device for mending hole in the heart without surgical intervention
  285. Budget 2020 announces Rs 8000 cr National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Applications
  286. Ten schools visit Digital Gandhi Exhibition[PDF]0 bytes
  287. IISc Swarnajayanti Fellow to combine various areas of math's to contribute to big data[PDF]0 bytes
  288. DST launches SATHI Initiative for building shared, professionally managed strong S&T infrastructure[PDF]0 bytes
  289. Chandigarh Region all set for ‘CRIKC Technology Club’[PDF]0 bytes
  290. Dr VK Saraswat, appreciates technology development activities at ARCI, Hyderabad[PDF]0 bytes
  291. IIT Bombay Swarnajayanti Fellow to work on eco-hydro- meteorological system for formulating better resilience[PDF]0 bytes
  292. Keeping electronic devices cooler with nanoscale superlattice materials[PDF]0 bytes
  293. Study of solar prominences evolution over last century can help predict solar cycles[PDF]0 bytes
  294. DST SEED division core support group HESCO founder awarded Padma Bhushan[PDF]0 bytes
  295. Lecture at INAE highlights Communication Technologies and Requirements for Industry 4.0[PDF]0 bytes
  296. SEED Mother Rahibai gets Padmshree[PDF]0 bytes
  297. JNCASR study projects imminent earthquake in populous Himalayan foothills[PDF]0 bytes
  298. TIFAC to celebrate 33rd Foundation Day[PDF]0 bytes
  299. DST-SERB - Scientific Social Responsibility initiative can boost mentoring in science[PDF]0 bytes
  300. PG students exposed to recent advances in Nano Science at Special Lecture Series[PDF]0 bytes
  301. Compact sensor for detection of explosives developed by Bangalore DST institution[PDF]0 bytes
  302. Experts discussed India’s future energy resource options on TIFAC foundation day[PDF]0 bytes
  303. CSIR- NEERI set-up an eco-friendly sewage treatment plant at ARCI, Hyderabad[PDF]0 bytes
  304. Pre-event session on scaling up climate services sets way for roadmap for communications[PDF]0 bytes
  305. Senior scientist calls for nodal agency for climate services at ICCS 6, Pune[PDF]0 bytes
  306. Bengaluru scientists pave the way for novel glucose sensors[PDF]0 bytes
  307. Pune institute develops materials that can reduce dental implant failure[PDF]0 bytes
  308. IIA trains young researchers from various developing countries, to analyse the solar data[PDF]0 bytes
  309. INAE Gurgaon conducts study to provide engineering solutions for Housing & Infrastructure[PDF]0 bytes
  310. Solar flare energy release is fragmented over space and time[PDF]0 bytes
  311. Scientists caution use of a novel technique to understand relationship between brain activity & behavior[PDF]0 bytes
  312. Technology developed for safer roads from steel industry waste[PDF]0 bytes
  313. PURSE Programme empowers universities to improve the performance benchmarks[PDF]0 bytes
  314. Bangalore scientists develop real-time breath monitoring device which can detect asthma, sleep apnoea[PDF]0 bytes
  315. IGIB Swarnajayanti fellow to investigate how fats in cells can boost immune response to TB[PDF]0 bytes
  316. New mobile app can help people measure Haemoglobin level in remote areas[PDF]0 bytes
  317. IISc Swarnajanti Fellow to investigate distributed algorithms to collectively process data[PDF]0 bytes
  318. Phase-II of the Digital Gandhi Gyan Vigyan Exhibition launched
  319. JNCASR scientists find a way to boost innate immunity against intracellular infection[PDF]0 bytes
  320. Bengaluru Scientists develop smart switchable window that can ‘fog’ on demand[PDF]0 bytes
  321. Autonomous institute under DST develops revolutionary device to screen TB[PDF]0 bytes
  322. Maharashtra farmers develop high yielding onion varieties with better shelf life[PDF]0 bytes
  323. Fellowship Programmes at JNCASR to provide cutting-edge research opportunity to students[PDF]0 bytes
  324. IISc Swarnajayanti fellow to work on creating particles that can shape future quantum computing[PDF]0 bytes
  325. TIFR Swarnajayanti Fellow to study plasticity for better design of materials[PDF]0 bytes
  326. LoI signed with group of industries for funding industry relevant research engagement[PDF]0 bytes
  327. Phase- II of the Digital Gandhi Gyan Vigyan Exhibition to be launched on 30 January[PDF]0 bytes
  328. Brain-storming interaction by office of PSA brings recommendations on science communication[PDF]0 bytes
  329. Nano Jatha- workshop at Pondicherry fosters Nanotech business environment[PDF]0 bytes
  330. Seven scientists awarded Abdul Kalam Technology Innovation National Fellowship for 2019-2020[PDF]0 bytes
  331. IISER Mohali Swarnajayanti Fellow to fuse theories to understand symmetries of geometric objects[PDF]0 bytes
  332. Conference on Quantum Frontiers fosters collaboration between academia & industry[PDF]0 bytes
  333. Office of PSA to hold science communicator’s brain-storming interaction[PDF]0 bytes
  334. Banking on the spider for future fibres[PDF]0 bytes
  335. JNCASR scientist to develop new materials for converting waste heat to electrical energy[PDF]0 bytes
  336. INST Mohali moving towards a globally competitive institution in Nano Science & Technology
  337. Focus on increasing women’s participation in underrepresented areas of STEM: DST Secretary[PDF]0 bytes
  338. DST takes up digital reconstruction of Chola Heritage site in Tamil Nadu[PDF]0 bytes
  339. IISER Bhopal Swarnajayanti Fellow to work on bio-conjugation of proteins facilitating drug discovery[PDF]0 bytes
  340. IIT Bombay Professor to strengthen national research on nano-magnets with Swarnajanti Fellowship[PDF]0 bytes
  341. Starless gigantic hydrogen gas ring found around a distant galaxy[PDF]0 bytes
  342. Swarnajayati Fellow from NIPGR to unravel mechanisms to improve phosphate use efficiency in plants[PDF]0 bytes
  343. Science exhibitions should focus on educating young students: Dr. Jitendra Singh
  344. JNCASR symposium inspire future researchers[PDF]0 bytes
  345. IIT Chennai Swarnajayanti Fellow to improve algorithms in lattice cryptography—an emerging technology for secret keeping[PDF]0 bytes
  346. WEE Mentorship workshop opens new vistas for women entrepreneurs[PDF]0 bytes
  347. Remote villages in water scarce Bundelkhand receive water supply with DST Support
  348. JNCASR Researcher awarded India Alliance fellowship to explore regulators of DNA metabolism[PDF]0 bytes
  349. New spray gel developed by INST could help take the bite out of frostbite[PDF]0 bytes
  350. Digitalization of books and manuscripts should make them alive: DST Secretary
  351. Heritage Symposium discusses conservation in physical & digital space
  352. Vigyan Prasar initiates Vigyan Samachar—India’s first S&T news agency[PDF]0 bytes
  353. New molecule against MDR Acinetobacter baumannii from JNCASR[PDF]0 bytes
  354. Energy & Water Technologies of TMD Division appreciated at ISC
  355. Biomethanation of rice straw, a potential solution to stubble burning[PDF]0 bytes
  356. MANAK District Level Exhibition showcases creativity of young minds[PDF]0 bytes
  357. Electrostatic Dust Mitigation and Smog Control Device transferred to Industry[PDF]0 bytes
  358. Movement to inspire rural entrepreneurship spreads far & wide with DST support
  359. International Heritage Symposium and Exhibition to be organized for the first time[PDF]0 bytes
  360. Conference explores abundance of elements in understanding the universe[PDF]0 bytes
  361. Drinking water issues in Greater Mumbai mapped using GIS for location specific solutions[PDF]0 bytes
  362. Applications invited for Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Fellowship Program[PDF]0 bytes
  363. Brightest message of star collapse from space: Indian scientists participate in a study[PDF]0 bytes
  364. SNBNCBS celebrates 127th Birth Anniversary of S N Bose[PDF]0 bytes
  365. New low cost device for automatic testing of visual acuity of tiny tots[PDF]0 bytes
  366. Astronomical calendar for 2020 launched by ARIES[PDF]0 bytes
  367. Vice President calls on scientists to find long-term solutions to farmers problems
  368. Farmers Science Congress inaugurated highlighting the importance of farmers innovations
  369. Students awarded for innovative ideas, quiz and video making at Childrens science congress
  370. Science Congress highlights opportunities for women to overcome hurdles to pursue science
  371. Science communicators discussed ways to strengthen their community at Science Congress
  372. Childrens science congress urges students to be determined in their pursuit of science
  373. Pathogen specific ribosomal antibiotics can help control AMR: Ada Yonath at ISC 2020
  374. The rejected grant that brought a Nobel Prize
  375. Honorable PM inaugurates ISC encouraging youngsters towards S&T for rural development
  376. I-STEM Portal to be launched by Honorable PM on 3rd Jan at ISC Bangalore
  377. 107th Indian Science Congress begins on 3rd January focusing on rural development
  378. 14 scientists awarded Swarna Jayanti Fellowships for 2018-19[PDF]0 bytes



2019: Articles & Blogs

  1. INST Mohali develops corrosion-free high-voltage integrated energy storage device
  2. Local artisans elevate knowledge to S&T based building materials enterprise
  3. Lighter aerated cement developed using industrial waste
  4. IISER & SPEL Pune jointly develop indigenous Graphene-Supercapacitor
  5. Creativity in research, innovation spirit boosts S&T: DST Secretary at FM Rainbow
  6. Fabric Feel Tester developed at 100 times less cost with DST support[PDF]0 bytes
  7. Solar powered ESPcan efficiently segregate incinerator flue gas[PDF]0 bytes
  8. New robust, affordable devise improves treatment of eye related diagnostics[PDF]0 bytes
  9. Technologies for decontamination and safe disposal of hospital waste developed[PDF]0 bytes
  10. Brace to assist children with clubfoot promises freedom from disability
  11. Indian and Korean institutions join hands to develop training system for robot assisted surgeries
  12. IIT Delhi scientist develops tech for recycling E-Waste & recover metals[PDF]0 bytes
  13. DST supported Polymer regulating water requirement of plants awarded
  14. Two Lakh new DNA markers found in Asian populations can help disease investigations
  15. Nano drug delivery system developed can simplify Psoriasis treatment[PDF]0 bytes
  16. Bhubaneswar lab develops new technology for recycling plastics
  17. New device can determine antibiotic susceptibility for effective treatment[PDF]0 bytes
  18. Technology helps Assam village women craft their sustainable future
  19. Affordable milk chilling technology at point of harvest can benefit cattle farmers
  20. Wadia Institute’s Garhwal Himalayas glacial study used in global climate change programme
  21. NATMO makes spatial data accessible for visually impaired, virtual tourists
  22. Affordable milk chilling technology at point of harvest can benefit cattle farmers
  23. Technology helps Assam village women craft their sustainable future
  24. Fabric from theromocol & citrus peel waste cleans up oil spills
  25. Research connected to life can boost social media visibility
  26. New technology can help disposal of hospital waste through electric arc-plasma
  27. Smart solar cooker could be solution for community kitchens
  28. DST supports technologies for plastic recycling
  29. Microbial Route to Enhancing Coal bed Methane Recovery
  30. Farmers turn saviours of traditional rice varieties
  31. DST set up clean energy knowledge networks focusing renewable targets
  32. JNCASR: A stellar institution where materials evolve
  33. New model for minimizing air-conditioning demand at India’s airports
  34. India has significant contributions to CERN: DG CERN at Vigyan Samagam, Bangalore
  35. Institutions need unlike minds to innovate together
  36. DST celebrates Independence Day with technologies benefiting people
  37. New soil monitoring technology can help farming decisions
  38. Women entrepreneurs take flight with disruptive technologies
  39. Heading for the electric transformation
  40. Towards low cost energy harvesting from indoor light
  41. Resolving your flattened tyres & waking to a nano dream
  42. IISc scientists develop mathematical metrics for measuring Yoga expertise
  43. Carbon nanotube coated cotton yarns to power wearable devices
  44. Low-cost, indigenous rubbing machine developed for manufacturing LCDs
  45. Low-cost, indigenous technological solution for smog control
  46. Caring for our environment: A nano-tech perspective
  47. CERN probing the origin of universe with India as a key player
  48. Where biotechs take flight
  49. Motor Proteins – Our Busy Machines
  50. S&T brings health for all
  51. Nobel Laureates meet: Students connect scientific questions to societal needs
  52. DST's initiatives tackle air pollution hazard
  53. Future S&T brings competition & help from intelligent machines: DST Secretary
  54. Recognize unexpected findings & fight for it: Duncan Haldane at ISC
  55. DST supported WEE foundation giving wings to women entrepreneurs
  56. Intelligent Placement of Charging Stations for Indoor Robotic Applications

2019: Event Articles

  1. New programme to boost research in emerging technologies under single platform[PDF]0 bytes
  2. Union Ministers discuss promotion of Govt schemes for women’s participation in S&T[PDF]0 bytes
  3. DST invites proposals for fellowships to build a cadre of academic STI policy researchers[PDF]0 bytes
  4. India Canada Science & Technology Innovation Dialogue announces several Joint Projects[PDF]0 bytes
  5. DST extends training and support to aspiring entrepreneurs[PDF]0 bytes
  6. DST water innovation centre to enhance water & food security launched at Jodhpur
  7. Workshop initiates nationwide effort to encourage girls towards science[PDF]0 bytes
  8. Innovative minds should keep trying: Former President at IGNITE awards
  9. Honorable PM inaugurated the IISF 2019 calling for S&T ecosystem encouraging young innovators
  10. Government believes that science and technology is the bedrock upon which the country relies for its knowledge power: Dr Harsh Vardhan
  11. Connecting science and literature can connect science to the masses, say experts
  12. Dr Harsh Vardhan urges students to go for start ups
  13. India needs the expertise of it's Diaspora for new & emerging areas in science: DST Secretary
  14. National Social Organization and Institute Meet emphasizes on need to create awareness on rural issues and its solutions
  15. Women Scientists & Entrepreneurs Conclave: An inspiration for new science careers
  16. India Sweden High-Level Innovation Dialogue announces several Collaborations
  17. Indians excel at ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum
  18. 15 GITA supported innovators awarded as S&T Minister calls for tech & innovation to be Backbone of Development
  19. Dr. Erik Jacquemyn honoured with Kalinga Chair[PDF]0 bytes
  20. Summit discussed Himalayan climate issues and Spring-Shed Management[PDF]0 bytes
  21. ICMR-DST-AMED workshop deliberate on future Indo-Japan collaborations
  22. Professor CNR Rao receives Prof. M G K Menon Memorial Award[PDF]0 bytes
  23. Delhi Children Science Congress encourages youth towards problem solving[PDF]0 bytes
  24. Special Call for proposal for training SCs and STs in data science[PDF]0 bytes
  25. University College Mangalore organizes DST- INSPIRE Internship Science Camp[PDF]0 bytes
  26. DST calls for Indo-Israel joint research
  27. Global Cooling Prize given to support innovative climate friendly technologies
  28. Hon’ble PM inaugurated the IISF 2019 calling for S&T ecosystem encouraging young innovators
  29. DST-CII Tech Summit unveils joint entrepreneurial opportunities for India & Netherlands
  30. Developing country experts discuss hydrogen technologies, market & solutions
  31. Digital Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi Digital Gandhi Gyan-Vigyan inaugurated
  32. DST promotes better science teaching in multiple ways
  33. National Centre for Clean Coal Research & Development inaugurated at IISc, Bengaluru
  34. IISF drives movement to celebrate science
  35. ECIL manufactured power converters will build particle accelerator in Germany
  36. Survey of India to map Gaothans in Maharashtra using drones
  37. New additions to India IPR battalion
  38. Indian science scribes stand strong at World Conference of Science Journalists
  39. India Smart Grids R&D Platform (ISGP) Interaction meeting formulates the way forward to MI-5
  40. Towards low cost energy harvesting from indoor light
  41. Nobel Laureates meet: Students connect scientific questions to societal needs
  42. Second edition of Vigyan Samagam to begin on July 29th in Bengaluru
  43. India's Multi-Venue, Mega-Science Exhibition Vigyan Samagam at Bangalore
  44. Heading for the electric transformation
  45. Government mulls matching grant to industry-supported startups
  46. India-Sweden industry-led R&D programme launched
  47. India first global, Mega-Science Exhibition Vigyan Samagam to begin on May 8th in Mumbai
  48. Vigyan Samagam Exhibition brings world major Mega Science projects together
  49. Nano India highlights India efforts in nurturing nano-science excellence
  50. DST participates in Mission Innovation workshop on hydrogen in energy transition
  51. India highlights country & individual level movements to combat climate change
  52. DST supporting research & entrepreneurial skills among youth
  53. DST programmes boosting Make in India initiative
  54. Ministry of Science and Technology tackles the emperor of all maladies
  55. Core Groups of SEED, DST connecting science to society
  56. Innovations sparkling from remote India wonderlands
  57. Science & technology reaching out, benefitting people
  58. Department of Science & Technology and Doordarshan launch DD Science & India Science Channels
  59. DST tech mission centres on solar energy & water treatment launched at IIT Madras
  60. PM launches country 1st indigenously build supercomputer
  61. Experts from academia, industry & government discuss clean energy solutions
  62. 106th Indian Science Congress begins on 3rd January at LPU, Phagwara
  63. Future S&T brings competition & help from intelligent machines: DST Secretary
  64. Recognize unexpected findings & fight for it: Duncan Haldane at ISC
  65. Jai Anusandhan can connect S&T to people: PM at Science Congress
  66. Science is fun: Nobel Laureates at Childrens Science Congress
  67. Nobel Laureates bury time capsule representing modern-day technologies
  68. Best time to do science in India: I&T Minister
  69. Use technology to create a just vibrant future for women in science: Smriti Irani