COVID 19- OMs and Guidelines

Guidance for evaluation of novel applications for COVID-19 by the Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Health Research[PDF]474.8 KB

Disinfection services for prevention of corona COVID 10 Virus (letter to Secy. Central Ministries, GOI)[PDF]407.56 KB

MHA Order Dt. 29.3.2020 on  Disaster Management Act 2005[PDF]2.11 MB

DOletter_ Home Secretary Dt 24.3.2020[PDF]409.81 KB

DOPT Guidelines for Workplaces reg COVID-19 Dt 26.03.2020[PDF]346.02 KB

Annexure_MHA Order Dt 24.03.2020[PDF]2.67 MB

DOPT OM Dt 25.03.2020 reg Preventive Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19[PDF]420.32 KB

DOPT OM Dt 22.03.2020 reg Preventive Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19[PDF]348.14 KB

DOPT OM Dt 17.03.2020 reg Preventive Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19[PDF]91.48 KB

DOE OM Dt 23.3.2020 Functioning of Government Expenditure_23.03.2020_0[PDF]46.18 KB

DOE OM Dt 23.3.3020 Payment of Wages to Outsourced_Contractual Staff - COVID 19_1[PDF]2.67 MB

DO letter to CSs of all States and UTs on 30 3[PDF]1.1 MB

order dated 28 3 2020[PDF]511.01 KB

Do Letter of Cabinet Secretary dated 30.3.2020 for measures to prevent COVID-19[PDF]429.81 KB

Home Secretary's Letter (29.3.2020) on consolidated guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19[PDF]1.09 MB

Home Secretay's DO letter regarding directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court on preventing the spread of COVID-19 [PDF]564.77 KB

MHA Order Dated (10.4.2020) along with 5th Addendum giving exemption to Fishing (Marine) and Aquaculture Industry[PDF]1 MB

Ministry of Home Affairs Consolidated Guideline on Lockdown[PDF]150.85 KB

MHA order dated 15.04.2020, with Revised Consolidated Guidelines[PDF]5.12 MB

Booklet on 'COVID-19-Safe Workplace Guidelines for Industry and Establishment' ( English[PDF]8.99 MB | Hindi[PDF]12.48 MB )