A brief description of the activities undertaken by DST Library is given as under:

Collection Development:

DST Library continued building up its collection by acquisition of new books/ journals as per the requirements of the Officers/Staff Members of the Department. During the period under review, the Library procured, processed and made available 614 books/ monographs. The total number of books available in the Library has risen to over 22,000.

Besides this, the Library subscribed to around 110 national/ international scientific and technical journals and around 100 such journals were received on gratis.

Updation of Online Catalogue:

The Online catalogue of Books available in the Library was updated continuously and the total number of machine-readable records now stands at over 13,000.

Documentation Services:

Besides making available books/monographs to its users, the Library continued meeting the day-to-day information requirements of the Officers/ Staff Members of DST/DSIR by providing a number of Documentation Services such as Current Awareness Service, Newspaper Clipping Service, Photocopying Service, Conducting Literature Surveys on Topics of special interest to users etc.
In addition to meeting the information requirements of its users from its own resources, the Library tapped the resources of other Libraries by cooperating with them through Interlibrary Lending. The Information Services were also provided to the users by conducting information searches on the Internet Search Facility available in the Library.