Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

Program Title: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)


The Government has set a growth target for the manufacturing sector from 16% of GDP to reach 25% of GDP by 2025.  The National Manufacturing Policy and the emphasis on “Make in India” is a powerful strategy for economic development.  In accordance with this objective, DST has initiated this program for developing Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in October 2015, and a high level Expert Advisory Committee (EAC-AMT) was set up, chaired by Prof. Rudra Pratap, Center for Nano Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


  1. Five thrust areas were selected for developing novel manufacturing technologies:
    1. Nano materials & surfaces,
    2. Robotics & automation
    3. Precision manufacturing,
    4. Manufacturing process of Pharmaceuticals & Bio manufacturing
    5. Advanced forming & near net shaped processing.
  2. Encourage R&D labs to move some of their activities from “discovery research” towards “industrially relevant R&D”.
  3. Encourage inter-disciplinary, multi-institutional research programs for innovation.

Call for Project Proposals under Technology Development Programme (TDP)