Call for Proposals under WISE-SCOPE Fellowship

Societal challenges refer to problems and issues that affect societies on a large scale, often spanning across multiple domain such as environment, technology, health, energy, waste, water, management, agriculture, economic, and more.

The Women In Science and Engineering (WISE)-Societal Challenges with Opportunities (SCOPE) Fellowship Program of the Department of Science & Technology (DST) aims to provide opportunity to Women Scientists and Technologists who have completed Ph.D. and want to utilize their S&T knowledge and expertise for the benefit of society. This program promotes projects that directly deal with challenges at grassroots level and address them through S&T interventions.  Projects under WISE-SCOPE (WISE-Societal Challenges with Opportunities) should provide S&T solutions to our social problems, livelihood generation, drudgery reduction, health and nutrition related issues, management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture, climate change, disaster management etc.

Project proposal should include the development of viable technology/technique with possibility of lab-to-land transfer, adaptation and scaling up for the benefit of society under following identified broad thematic areas.

1. Energy, Water and Waste Management (EWWM)

2. Engineering and Technology Development (ETD)

3. Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development (ECSD)

4. Agriculture and Allied Sciences (AAS)

5. Health, Food and Nutrition (HFN)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023 to Saturday, August 31, 2024