DST CETP Call Module 04 (CCUS) Pre- proposal Submission

The CETP Consortia Project Coordinator' is required to submit complete pre-proposal only on Online CETPartnership Submission Tool (https://cetp-submission.mur.gov.it/) along with other requisite documents by 22nd November 2023 (pre-proposal) and if shortlisted in level 1 then the Indian Project Coordinator will also have to submit the full proposal as that submitted by the CETP consortium as one single consolidated PDF file at e-PMS DST portal (https://www.onlinedst.gov.in/) by 27th March 2024 (full proposal).

Online submission of pre-proposals should be completed by 22nd November 2023 (pre- proposal) on CETPartnership Submission Tool and online submission of shortlisted Full proposals should be completed by 27nd March 2024 on DST e-PMS portal as well  at 17:30 IST latest.

For more details please visit: https://dst.gov.in/carbon-capture-utilisation-and-storage-ccus

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 to Wednesday, November 22, 2023