Device Development Programme (DDP)

Program Title:             Device Development Programme (DDP)

Mandate of Device Development Programme (DDP) is to promote and support Research, Design and Development (RD&D) activities of different areas of devices leading to:

  • Indigenous development and production of devices.
  • Upgradation of existing device for modern accessories and attachments and latest technology.
  • Establishment of base in RD&D and limited production techniques.
  • Generation of trained manpower in the area.

Accordingly, DDP has been evolving, supporting and monitoring projects for design & development of devices in different areas at various laboratories, academic institutions in association with the user industries.  The mandate of DDP is following:

  • Evolving, supporting and monitoring following types of projects to research laboratories for design & development of instruments in different areas:
  1. Proof of concept (feasibility) for developing a device/ instrument (smaller projects, 1-2 years duration)
  2. Design & development of Laboratory prototypes of the devices with or without user industry participation.
  3. Design & development of Advanced Laboratory prototypes of the instruments with mandatory user industry participation.
  4. User Trials of the limited number of prototypesat industrial site with mandatory manufacturer industry participation with financial commitment.
  • Supporting capacity building activities such as Training Programmes, Workshops/ Seminars/ Symposia and establishment of specialized facilities to promote indigenous development of instruments.

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