Experts to discuss research related to heterostructure engineering for quantum materials & devices

Experts from around the world will come together to discuss research related to heterostructure engineering for quantum materials and devices at the National Conference on Quantum Matter Heterostructures (QMH) to be organized from February 18 to 20, 2021.

Combining the power and possibilities of heterostructure engineering with the collective and emergent properties of quantum materials, quantum-matter heterostructures open a new arena of solid-state physics. Unique electronic states can be engineered in these structures, giving rise to unforeseeable opportunities for scientific discovery and potential applications. Unprecedented effects can occur if quantum materials are stacked in superlattice structure and /or perturbed by tuning parameters.

The conference organized by Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST), Mohali, an autonomous institute of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India in association with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee will discuss the present status, limitations, perspectives, and challenges in the field of heterostructures of quantum materials and related devices. The previous edition to this conference was organized by Institute of Physics Bhubaneswar at Toshali Sands, Puri.

The proposed conference is unique in India and will provide an ideal platform to discuss the emerging trends in the area of QMH and foster collaboration. Leading experts have been invited to deliver talks in the conference. Students, Ph.D. scholars, post-docs, and young scientists have been requested to submit their abstracts. Select few among them will deliver oral presentations of their abstracts.

For registration and detailed information, interested participants can visit (;