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क्या विभाग असाधारण रूप से उज्ज्वल और प्रेरित छात्रों को अनुसंधान में कैरियर बनाने के लिए सुनिश्चित करता है

The Department has initiated a National Programme of Fellowship in Science and Engineering and Medicine to attract exceptionally bright & highly motivated students in career research. This programmes which inducts students at various stages starting from 10+2 level assists its students not only to realize their potential but also to ensure the availability of best scientific talent for the National Laboratories & Academic Institutions. For further information, click here.

What is the support available from DST for building new avenues for educational institutions by enhancing infrastructure for research and development.

The department has initiated a scheme "Fund for Improvement of S&T infrastructure - (FIST)" in academic & educational institutions. The scheme is intended to provide basic infrastructure and other enabling facilities for carrying out research and development activities. 

The department also provides support under the "Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas - IRHPA" in academic institutions. 

What are the analytical instrument facilitie available to the researchers in the country.

The Department of Science & Technology has set up Sophisticated Analytical Instrument facility in different parts of country to provide analytical instrument support to the researchers in the country. Currently this facility is being used by more than 6000 users.

What type of support Department of Science & Technology can provide for organizing National or International Seminar/ Conference / Workshops/ Discussion Forums in the country?

The department has a specific programme for supporting National or International Scientific and Technological events in the country organized by Academic Institute/ National Research & Development Institute or Scientific & Technology Professional bodies.

What are the different training programmes available for Scientists and Technologists working with the Govt. of India?

The Department of Science and Technology in consultation with the Department of Personnel & Training and Planning Commission has embarked upon an ambitious project of human resource development for scientific and technical personnel to meet the challenges of national development and international competitiveness. For further information

Are there any special programme to encourage Women Scientist?

The department has initiated a women scientist scheme in the ninth five year plan

Are there any programmes for facilitating collaboration / Exchange Visits programme with any country?

The department has Bi-lateral agreements with considerable number of countries in specified areas. The collaborative project / Exchange Visits are available as instruments for the Indian scientists.

What support a Scientist/ Technologist / Research Fellows can get on acceptance of their paper in a scientific event abroad?

The Department of Science &Technology through its SERC programme provides financial assistance through its scheme "International Travel Support Scheme (ITS)" for enabling Scientist/ Technologist / Research Fellows to participate in events abroad. For further information on the necessary guidelines and formats for the same,