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भारत-इज़राइल अनुसंधान कार्यक्रम कॉल के परिणाम - 2023 2023
DST-DAAD call 2022 Results 2023
डीएसटी-जेएसपीएस परिणाम 2022 2023
परिणामों की घोषणा- गति पायलट 2023
परिपत्र अर्थव्यवस्था 2022 के भीतर प्रस्तावों के लिए इंडो-स्वीडिश संयुक्त कॉल 2023
परिणामों की घोषणा, भारत कनाडा कॉल - 2022 2023
Results for ISRF Call-2022 2023
72वीं लिंडौ नोबेल पुरस्कार विजेता बैठक 2023 में भाग लेने के लिए चयनित छात्रों के परिणाम 2023
Results of the DST-DAAD call 2021 2022
Results of India-Austria Call-2021 2022
FIST 2021 Program Result 2022
DST-RSF call 2021 Result 2022
STUTI Programme Result 2022
Result National award for Science & Technology Communication- 2021 2022
India-Serbia Joint Call Result 2022
Indo-Italian Joint Call for Proposals 2022
India-Portugal Joint Call Result 2021
India-Slovenia Joint Call Result 2021
Result announcement of India-Poland Joint Research programme 2020
List of participants selected for attending the 70th Nobel Laureates meeting at Lindau 2020
Final Result of DST-STI Fellowships-2019 2020
Result of National Award for Womens Development through Application of Science and Technology 2019 2020
Result announcement of India Egypt Call for Joint Research projects 2020
List of selected candidates for participation in 4th BRICS Young Scientist Conclave-2019, Brazil 2019
National Entrepreneurship Awards 2019 2019
Result of Indo-Japan Collaborative Science Programmes-2018 2019
Approved DST-DAAD List 2019 2019
Result announcement for DST-UKIERI Call 2019
Results India-Thailand Joint Call for Proposals - 2018 2019
Result - National Award for the Womens Development through Application of Science and Technology 2019
Results India-Russia (RSF) Joint Call for Proposals - 2018 2019
National award for Science & Technology Communication- 2018 2019
Call for nominations for National Research Awards in Nano Science & Technology - 2019 2019
Result of Indo-Canada joint call for proposals 2018
Compassioanate Appoinment final result for the year 2015 2018
Result - Filling up of two each posts of Scientist- C and Scientist D under Engineering / Technology and Physics discipline on direct recruitment basis in the Department of Science & Technology- Declaring of result reg. 2018
Indo-Norway Joint Call on Renewable Energy: Recommended Projects 2018
List of Awardees - SwarnaJayanti Fellowships Scheme - 2017-18 2018
Results India-Ukraine Joint Call for Proposals - 2018 2018
Provisional List of scientifically recommended Projects for BRICS CALL 2017 under BRICS STI Cooperation 2018
NRDMS - List of recommended proposals for Capacity Building and Training on Geospatial Technologies 2018
Result - India - EU Water Call 2017 2018
Result - Indo-U.S. Fellowship for Women in STEMM (WISTEMM) 2018
Recommended projects under India Austria cooperation against the joint call for Exchange Visits 2017 2018
Recommended projects under India-Norway Cooperation against the joint call on Bioeconomy 2017 2018
Result- Indo-Japan Cooperative Science Programme (IJCSP-2018) 2018
Announcement of India Science and Research Fellowship (ISRF) Program 2018 Awardees 2018
List of Indian participants for 3rd BRICS YS Conclave Durban, South Africa (25-29 June 2018) 2018
Materials for Energy Conservation and Storage Platform (MECSP) - 2017 Proposals shortlisted for next level of evaluation 2018
Result - Indo-Hungarian R&D proposals 2018
Posting of details of candidates in DST's website, whose applications were received in DST against Advt. No. DST/01/2017-Rectt. 2018
List of selected Indian students to participate in 68th meeting of the Nobel Laureates to be held during 25-30 June 2018, in Lindau, Germany, during the Selection Committee meeting held at IIT, Delhi on 23 February 2018. 2018
DST- UK Selected Project 2018
Indo-Norway Joint call 2017 on ICT : Recommended Projects 2018
DST - DAAD Joint call 2017 : Recommended projects 2018
National Awards for Women Development through Application of Science and Technology-2017 2018
National Awards for Science & Technology Communication- 2017 2018
DST-RFBR - List of Proposals Received 2018