Methanol Economy Research Programme (MERP)

Energy is one of the key contributors for the economic development of the country. India will play an important part in the global energy space, as it is likely to account for 25% of the rise in global energy demand by 2040. Methanol and Dimethyl ether (DME) can play an important role in order to contain the rising imports and improve the energy security of India. Methanol is an efficient fuel which emits less NOx and Particulate matter (PM) than Petrol & Diesel and produces no SOx as there is no sulphur in methanol. It can be blended or be completely substituted with Petrol & Diesel to use as a transport fuel along with other applications. Like Methanol, DME is also an efficient fuel and burns with lesser NOx and PM, no SOx than Diesel. It is a viable and clean diesel alternative and can also be blended with LPG.


Realizing the potential of using methanol and DME as a transportation fuel in road transport, shipping and rail, DST launched its MDME programme in September, 2015. The Methanol Economy hold promise to help India to mitigate its petroleum import cost and at the same time counter problem associated with global warming due to excess CO2 emission. DST actively contributed in preparation of Roadmaps for Methanol DME and Di methyl ether.

DST initiated a major development programme for production of Methanol from various sources including Indian coal and CO2 from thermal plants, steel plants etc. The major objective of the programme is to exploit production routes hitherto unexplored but having future potential and requiring research interventions viz  development of novel catalysts, utilization of methanol in direct methanol fuel cell, development of engines fuelled on methanol and DME etc.

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