Nobel Laureates bury time capsule representing modern-day technologies

Nobel Laureates Prof Avram Hershko from Israel and Prof Duncan M Haldane from USA buried a Time capsule containing 100 items representing a cross-section of today’s technology and India’s scientific prowess at the Lovely Professional University during 106th Indian Science Congress.

The Time Capsule represents modern-day technology as experienced in India besides replicas of Mangalyaan, Brahmos missile and Tejas fighter jet which represent India’s scientific prowess.

The capsule, made by students of Lovely Professional University especially for the Science Congress will remain buried for the next 100 years. The objective of the capsule is to capture today’s technological essence for the future generations.

The items that are part of the Time Capsule represent day-to-day technologies used in today’s India like laptop, smart phone, drone, VR glasses, Amazon Alexa, etc. It also includes consumer durables such as air filter, induction cooktop, air fryer are part of day-to-day life.

Some other products that will be preserved include solar panels, a hard disk with latest documentaries and movies and current science books being used for teaching class 12 students and a mirror-less camera.