Time has come to recapture past glory by achieving scientific and technological advancements -Vice President

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Science is a major instrument to deliver a New India – Dr.Harshvardhan

Time has come to recapture past glory of India by achieving new advancements in science and technology, said the Vice President of India, Shri M.Venkaiah Nadu, while delivering his valedictory address in the concluding ceremony of India International Science Festival (IISF), 2017 in Chennai today.

While addressing the concluding session, Shri Naidu said that science is the cornerstone for the progress of mankind. Indians have, since times immemorial, contributed significantly to various aspects of science in modern life. He quoted Albert Einstein and said that no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been possible without the contribution of India and its scholars. He listed many challenges presently being faced by mankind like climate change, overpopulation, global warming, clean water and diseases and that only science can help solve these problems. He urged everyone to take responsibility for progress and promotion of science apart from the government. He stressed that we needed a concentrated effort to improve teaching, research and development of technologies in the country.

The Vice-President congratulated everyone for achieving the Guinness World Record of ‘The largest Biology Lesson’ and on the successful completion of IISF 2017.

The Union Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr. Harshvardhan, said it was a treat to watch thousands of students participate in the 3rd IISF 2017 at Chennai. He mentioned key achievements of the IISF 2017 and congratulated the students, teachers, scientists and team for organizing such successful event.

The Minister lauded the scientific community of India for achieving 14% growth rate in scientific publication as compared to a world growth rate of 4%. He also highlighted the various international cooperation agreed upon with the visiting Ministers of Afghanistan and Bangladesh for promoting and advancing science in the neighboring countries.

The Minister made many announcements in his IISF 2017 valedictory speech such as (i) fellowships for film-makers to make films that promote science and tackles problems of the common people (ii) zero-pollution firecrackers to be researched and developed together by scientists and manufacturers (iii) The Ksheer Tester will be available to all and will help counter milk adulteration (iv) latest dental implant developed and will soon be commercialized (v) (media award).

The Minister expressed belief in science and that it will be a major instrument that will deliver a ‘New India’ to Indians by 2022, as is the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The valedictory function was also attended by Minister of State for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Shri Y. S. Chowdary, Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri Banwarilal Purohit, Minister of Science & Technology, Industry and Higher Education of Tamil Nadu, Thiru K.P. Anbalagan, Minister for Fisheries and Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Thiru D. Jayakumar, and other dignitaries from the Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences.