Promotional Workshop on the Indo-Danish joint bilateral call on GREEN FUELS INCLUDING GREEN HYDROGEN

Under the Indo-Danish Science, Technology & Innovation Agreement, DST along with Innovation Fund Denmark has agreed to launch a joint call for proposals in the area Green fuels including green hydrogen.  Joint research proposals would be invited in green fuels for transport and industry (Power-to-X, etc.). Solutions to convert electricity from renewable energy into products that can be used to reduce emissions from parts of the transport and industrial sectors where there are no cost-effective alternatives to fossil energy. The present call for proposals is aligned to the Green Strategic Partnership – Action Plan 2020-2025, as agreed by the two Prime Ministers.

The Danish and Indian applicants will develop joint Project plan and submit to both IFD Denmark and DST India using the forms of each organization, respectively. The proposals are invited for development of a device/prototype/process with Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 5 and above and having potential for commercialization.  It is envisaged that the end product of development shall be transferred to industries for commercial production. Accordingly, participation of Industries from both sides is strongly encouraged.

DST and IFD Denmark will in phase 1 assess and rank the proposals according to their respective national procedures and assessment criteria. In the 2nd phase of evaluation, proposals would be evaluated and ranked adopting following jointly agreed criteria:

  • The project should have industrial perspective and participation from both Indian and Danish industry is strongly encouraged.
  • The proposed research and innovation projects should be well integrated on the Indian and Danish side
  • Research and innovation activities of importance to the expected outcome should be evenly distributed among Indian and Danish counterparts.
  • Synergy effects and added-value to ongoing research within the field including Indo-Danish research and innovation projects is considered important.


  • Launch of Call for applications: 1st week of February 2022
  • Deadline for submitting applications: 02rd June 2022
  • Joint selection of proposals: October / November 2022
  • Start of projects: December 2022 

The successful projects will be jointly funded by DST and IFD Denmark on the respective sides. The Danish side (Innovation Fund Denmark - IFD) has agreed to allocate a total of 20 million DKK to support 3-5 joint research and innovation projects. Similarly, on Indian side is proposed to allocate about Rs. 20 crore to support 3-5 projects against this joint call. The duration of the projects is expected to be 3 years for both sides. On the Indian side, financial support will be provided for temporary staff salaries, equipment, consumables, international travel and other miscellaneous items like contingency, project workshop.

DST along with Innovation Fund Denmark has agreed to conduct a promotional virtual workshop on 19th May 2022 in the area “Green Fuels including Green Hydrogen”.

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