Renewable Energy System (RES) including Solar Energy Research Initiative (SERI)

Initiated in January, 2009 the initiative aims to develop national research competence to drive down the cost of solar energy through pre-competitive translational research, oriented solar research & human and institutional capacity development. SERI has led to development of critical mass of researchers both by rekindling interest of experienced researchers in related fields towards solar energy research as well as attracting younger researchers to the area of solar energy. This has created a vibrant atmosphere for solar energy research in the country.


1. Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Programme

The Research, Development and Demonstration Programme of SERI intend to nurture Science & Technology led breakthroughs to feed in National Mission on solar energy. The initiative was designed to direct R&D effort, to nurture new ideas and to offer ample opportunities to catalyse research led innovations.

The scope of programme includes support for oriented and applied research for solar devices, sub-systems and systems. The initiative supports feasibility/ assessment of fresh ideas/ concepts, including various emerging and disruptive technologies, for their potential conversion into useful technology/ product. Parallel to these efforts, applied research on next generation solar cells, new materials for solar energy harvesting , solar cell architecture, components, products and system are pursued synergising strengths of research groups  to meet global benchmarks.

2. Solar Energy Hubs

SERI has resulted in development of a knowledge platform networked amongst researchers as well as with other stakeholders in the area of Solar Energy. The reach of the programme has been expanded to development of Solar Hubs to enrol and support relevant stakeholders.

2.1 Indo -US Joint Virtual Centre on Solar Energy Research Institute for India and United States (SERIIUS). India (through DST) - United States ( through US DoE)  have worked to establish Roll-to-Roll (R2R) process of large flexible solar cells. This collaboration has resulted in first super-critical carbon dioxide laboratory scale test loop for concentrated solar power at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore besides several other accomplishments. 


2.2 DST- Indian Institute of Technology- Madras (IITM) Solar Energy Harnessing Centre has undertaken research and technology development in inter-disciplinary domains namely, photovoltaics, energy storage, solar thermal and solar fuels.


2.3 DST-Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology (DST-IIEST) Solar PV hub has state of art pre-commercial baseline facilities for fabrication and characterization of large area silicon based solar cell and Photovoltaic technologies.

3. Collaborations

3.1 Off Grid Access to Electricity

Access to affordable fossil-free electricity for rural and urban households is a major challenge at the global level and is identified as one of the UN sustainable development goals. For isolated household or communities, R&D is needed to bring down the cost of reliable low carbon off-grid solutions, either to equip people with no access or to modernize existing systems by switching to renewable energy.

Off Grid Access to Electricity has the objective to support significant reduction in price and increase performance of renewable power systems for individual homes in for remote communities at a significant lower cost than present cost. 9 collaborative projects are under implementation with 9 countries.

4. Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Programme

BASE Fellowship Program is a dynamic and transformative program of the Department, implemented through   Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF), for building capacity in the area of Solar Energy and to developed and nurture students and scientists from India and the United States. The fellowship/ internship include air fare, monthly stipend and contingency allowance.

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Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Fellowship

31st January, 2020


Solar Energy Research and Development (SERD-2019)

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Funding Opportunity Announcement (FoA): Off Grid Access to Electricity

15th  January,  2018


Call for Proposals Solar Energy Research Initiative (SERI)- 2016

31 May, 2016

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Call for Proposals for Clean Energy Research (CER-2015)

30th June, 2015



Call for Proposals for Development of Devices, Sub-Systems and Systems for Application in Solar Energy Production, Storage, Transportation and Utilisation

15 June, 2014



Proposals For Solar Oriented Fundamental Research

7th May, 2014








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