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Right to Information, 2005

The Department of S&T is committed to complete transparency and fairness in meeting the aspiration of the Citizens of Nation. Department endeavors to make available maximum information on the website of the Department in consonance with the spirit and provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2005. AnyCitizen of India can freely have access to this information and also seek information from the CPIOs of the Department of S&T. The position of the Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) in the Department has since been decentralized and a Scientist of the rank of Scientist in the Scientific Division and an officer of the rank of Director/Deputy Secretary in Administration and other Divisions have been designated as CPIO for their respective Divisions. Joint Secretary (Admn) has been designated as the Appellate Authority (AA) for the Department of S&T. The list of CPIOs and A.A. is available on the Website under RTI, which is updated from time to time. The Applicants can either send their requests for information directly to the concerned CPIO or to the Nodal Officer. The requests received by the Nodal Officer are further passed on to the respective CPIOs for furnishing the information directly to the Applicant.

RTI Application

Application along with requisite fee as prescribed under the RTI Act, 2005, can be made either by Post or by Hand . Centrally to the Nodal CPIO in case of Department of Science & Technology and directly to the concerned CPIO in case of Subordinate Offices/AI/Professional Bodies under the Department.

How to Apply

Application on plain paper duly typed or neatly handwritten in English or Hindi or any official language may be submitted to the concerned CPIO at the address given below:

Application can be submitted by Hand or through post alongwith a fee of Rs. 10/- (Rupees ten only) in the name of Accounts Officer or DDO, DST by way of Indian Postal Order, Demand Draft or in cash with the Cashier against proper receipt. There is no fee for person who are below poverty line. Information can be supplied on furnishing Rs. 2/- for each page and R. 50/- in Diskette.

For more information contact:

Shri P.K. Srivastava, Nodal CPIO
Department of Science & Technology Room No. 12A,
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi – 110016
Tele: 011-26590429
Email: pramodk.srivastava[at]nic[dot]in


First Appeal

Applicants not satisfied with the information supplied or information not given within the time prescribed under RTI Act can appeal to the First Appellate Authority in DST. The name and particulars of First Appellate Authority are as under:

For more information contact:

Name: Smt. Anju Bhalla
Designation: Joint Secretary (Admn)
Address: Room No. 6, Technology Bhavan, DST New Mehrauli Road,
N. Delhi-110016
Contact : Tele: 26516077
Fax: 26515637
E-mail: anju_bhalla[at]nic[dot]in

Time limit for filing Appeal is 30 days from the expiry of date on which information was to be received by the Applicant or from the date of receipt of such decision.

Transparency Officer

In pursuance of the cherished goal of ensuring complete transparency in all public activities of the Department, Smt. Renu Jain, Joint Secretary has been declared as Transparency Officer of the Department.


Transparency Officer (TO) shall be the main centre of all actions connected with promotion of institutional transparency commensurate with the letter and spirit of the RTI Act. In performing this role, the TO shall:

  • Act as the interface for the Commission vis-à-vis the public authority on the one hand, and on the other general public/information seeker.
  • Engage continuously, in implementing the Commission’s directive dated 15-11-2010 regarding pro-active disclosures under Section 4 of RTI Act, vis-à-vis the public authority concerned.
  • Regularly monitor decisions of the Central Information Commission ( with a view to identify areas of openness both generic and specific as a result of such decision.
    • Ensure that all levels of employees of the public authority are sensitized about these decisions and their implications.
    • Be responsible for issuing advisories, to officers/staff about need for sensitivity to institutional transparency and act as a change agent.
    • Be responsible for sensitizing the officers/staff that the time limit stipulated in the RTI Act are outer limit for matters raised under RTI Act and officer/staff are required to be mentally tuned to disclose all information, predetermined as open, within the shortest possible time on receiving request.
  • Be the contact point for the CPIO/FAA/Divisional Heads in respect of all RTI related matters of the organization. He will be the clearing house in all matters about making transparency the central point of organizational behaviour.
  • Constantly remain in touch with the top management in the public authority about the strategy and the action to promote transparency with the organization.
    • Promote good management practices with the organization centered on transparency.
  • Devise transparency indices for various wings of the public authority in order to introduce healthy competition in promoting transparency.
  • Help set up facilitation centers within the premises of the public authority, where members of the public can file their requests for disclosure of specific information and can inspect the records and documents etc.
  • Work out, in consultation with the Departmental Officers, the parameters of Record Management – its classification and indexing, plan of action for digitization of documents and records, networking etc. and oversee and help implement the functions laid down in Section 4(1) (a) and 4(1) (b) of the RTI Act.
  • Prepare information matrix based on analysis of RTI applications filed before the public authority and response thereof and, suggest to the top management the need for process reengineering, wherever necessary, as well as work out modalities of suo-moto disclosure of such information.
  • Be responsible for creating condition(s) in organization to establish an information regime, where transparency/disclosure norms are so robust that the public is required to have only the minimum resort to the use RTI Act to access information.
  • Be responsible for operating a user-friendly website for various information relating to the public authority concerned, including inter-alia search option.
  • With the help of the appropriate wing of the public authority, set up arrangements for training of the personnel to promote among them higher transparency orientation away from intuitive reflex towards Secretary, now common.
  • Establish dialogue with the top management and key officials of the public authority regarding prevention of unnecessary confidentiality classification of documents and records under the Official Secrets Act and to check over classification.

List of Transparency Officers  in DST[PDF]247.65 KB

For more information contact:

Nodal CPIO
Designation: Transparency Officer
Address :Department of Science & Technology Room No. 12A,
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road,
Contact: New Delhi – 110016