Science and Heritage Research Initiative (SHRI)

Programme Scheme Description

Science and Heritage Research Initiative SHRI, a new programme on Heritage Research, plans to engage experts from diverse fields for data capture and analysis, to form new collaborations, and provide viable technology to address cultural heritage related issues. Aims and Objectives SHRI has been envisaged to -

  • Build capacity in human resources and encourage new researchers to work in these areas.
  • Promote scientific RD activities for conservation of Heritage objects which may include material deterioration process, preservation techniques, intervention technologies, new materials, processes for restoration and diagnostic technologies.
  • Safeguard the use, representations, expressions, knowledge and techniques, communities, groups and in some cases, individuals, recognised as an integral part of our cultural heritage.
  • To explore new approaches, state-of-art technology to preserve the heritage and art works of former generations, which witnessed the evolution and growth of human civilization.
  • Promote application of advanced knowledge of archaeometric science in a range of fields.
  • Promote RD activities and technological advancement in Tribal Arts for value addition.

The envisaged thrust areas are -

  • Study of Heritage Materials/Metals.
  • Remote sensing Techniques for Detection of Archaeological Residues.
  • In situ non-invasive imaging of sub-surface microstructure of object, sustainable radiography for heritage materials, etc.
  • Heritage Textiles – New technologies in yarn treatment, weaving, printing, Eco friendly dyes, Cement Clothing etc.
  • Salts and synthetic coatings for wall paintings for example, the application of surface science to artists' acrylic emulsion paint films
  • Health monitoring of ancient artefacts.
  • Tribal Arts/Heritage
  • New Materials development
  • Conservation Technologies
  • Development of Tools/process for conservation
  • Any other area related to Heritage other than mentioned above


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