Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation


Ministry of Science and Technology

Department of Science and Technology

Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation (SATYAM)

Department of Science and Technology (DST), in 2015, conceptualized a new research program- ‘Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation’ (SATYAM)- under its Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI). As Yoga and Meditation are interdisciplinary endeavors that interface with Neuroscience, Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy, and so on, therefore an interdisciplinary approach is needed to converge different & diverse disciplines as well as approaches & methods in the study of yoga and meditation. Thus comprehensive research on yoga and meditation is expected to address various challenges confronting physical and mental health. This new programme is aimed to foster scientific research on the effects of yoga and meditation on physical & mental health and on cognitive functioning in healthy people as well as in patients with disorders.

Themes: Basic themes being covered under SATYAM include, among others, (1) investigations on the effect of Yoga and Meditation on physical and mental health and well being, and (2) investigations on the effect of Yoga and Meditation on the body, brain, and mind in terms of basic processes and mechanisms.

Who can apply: Scientists/academicians with research background in ‘Yoga and Meditation’ and having regular position are invited to participate in this initiative. Practitioners actively involved in yoga and meditation practices are also encouraged to apply in collaboration with academic and research institutions of repute. Interested researchers are required to submit research proposals in their area of expertise along with Endorsement Certificate from the Head of the Institution and detailed bio-data of PI and Co-PIs.

Project duration: The project is tenable for a maximum period of three (3) years.

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