National Science & Technology Management Information System

NSTMIS, DST is responsible for collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of information on resources devoted to S&T activities in the country.

The Scientific and Technological (S&T) activities play a vital role in the economic, social and physical development of a country. Scientific and technological research needs huge investments and calls for a judicious utilization of scarce resources like finance, trained manpower, raw materials etc. Data collection and analysis pertaining to resources, devoted to S&T, therefore, assumes significant importance. The growth of S&T, its performance and impact on society and economy are indicators to assess the effectiveness of planning and policy formulation.

The National Science and Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS), a division of Department of Science and Technology (DST) has been entrusted with the task of building the information base on a continuous basis on resources devoted to scientific and technological activities for policy planning in the country..


NSTMIS undertakes broadly two types of research activities:

  • In-house Research
  • Sponsored Research

In-house Research

  • National Survey on resources devoted to S&T activities in the country.
  • National Level database on Extramural (sponsored) R&D projects.

As an outcome of above in-house research, NSTMIS brings out the following publications

  • Research and Development Statistics
  • Research and Development in Industry
  • S&T Data Book
  • Directory of R&D Institutions
  • Directory of Extramural R&D Projects

Sponsored Research

While some of the valuable basic data on input resources into S&T activities were processed in -house, it was felt necessary to involve other interested individuals/organisations to take up studies in the sponsored project mode in order to convert this activity into a very comprehensive and cohesive plan programme to make available Science and Technology indicators. Keeping this in view, the divisional activities were further strengthened during Seventh Five Year Plan (1985-90) by enlarging the scope and including the following :

  • Creation, Updation and Dissemination of databases on R&D resources, projects, institutions, experts, equipments, other infrastructure facilities.
  • Development of S&T indicators.
  • Studying aspects related to R&D management and policy issues.
  • Estimation of short term and long term requirement of different categories of scientific manpower particularly in new emerging areas of S&T.
  • Studying the mismatch between employment and output of S&T personnel.
  • Supporting R&D projects on various S&T dimensions.

So far, more than 125 projects on the various facets of S&T have been sponsored to various organisations/ establishments and the results of 85 completed projects have already been published in the form of reports and disseminated to various researchers/users.

New Initiatives

Innovation plays a vital role in nation's prosperity. Recognizing the importance, the Indian Government has mounted a new initiative the Science, Technology, Innovation and Creation of Knowledge framework (STICK). The National Innovation Survey framework, evolved upon in-depth discussion with the national and international experts shall be used in the implementation of the STICK Programme.


NSTMIS division maintains a close liaison with UNESCO, NSF, OECD, etc. for matters relating to S&T statistics and indicators. NSTMIS officers are taken as resource persons by UNESCO for the various workshops conducted by them on standardisation of concepts and terminologies used in S&T statistics. NSTMIS expertise has also been shared with other developing nations like China and Trinidad and Tobago. Apart from this, NSTMIS continually interacts with various national organisations like Planning Commission, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, University Grants Commission, Confederation of Indian Industries and other scientific organisations for exchange of information and expertise related to Science Statistics and Indicators.

Project List Year Wise -


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