Support for Up-gradation Preventive Repair & Maintenance of Equipment (SUPREME)

Department of Science & Technology launched the new Program in the year 2023 called “SUPREME” to provide financial support for repair/ upgradation/ maintenance/ retrofitting or acquiring additional attachment to increase functional capabilities of existing analytical instrumentation facilities (AIFs) supported by DST in various Institutions/laboratories/academic institutions.

Nature of Support: Proposals are invited through online for the consideration of support for the revival of major facilities established by DST Projects costing above Rs. 40 lakhs only (cost of facilities at the time of purchase will be considered). The project will be awarded at institutional/organizational mode with upper ceiling of maximum Rs 4.0 Crores and not to any particular department/individual/research group. Individual centric proposals are not encouraged. Only one application from an organization would be encouraged during a particular calendar year. Proposals should be submitted in a consolidated manner comprising of the possible needs for maximum three number of facilities / equipment at a time. A detailed feasibility report including financial implications needs to submitted along with the online application while requesting for the grant requirement towards the repair/ upgradation/ maintenance/ retrofitting or acquiring additional attachments. Prior to application there should be an internal committee in place at the organizational level, which would be comprising of technical expert(s) from the company or vendor, head of the Institution/HOD, senior faculties, scientists from the laboratories for making such feasibility reports etc. The support wouldn’t allow any provision for the purchase of a new research facility, hiring of manpower, research consumables, contingencies etc., except the AMC component, which will be covered under the recurring head. The capital grant (non-recurring) support would also be provided for the upgradation/ retrofitting of the facilities, based on the feasibility report annexed with the proposal

Eligibility: Different facilities created under the projects/ Analytical instrumentation facilities (AIFs) created earlier from the support of DST, only will be considered for the funding support under this Scheme. UGC recognized Central Universities/ State Funded Universities/Deemed Universities /Private Universities/ IITs/AIIMS/NITs/IISERS/Agency based Laboratories/ Colleges are eligible to apply under this Scheme. Equipment/infrastructure running under selfsustaining mode of any funding agency such as SAIF, SATHI etc are excluded from the scope of this scheme.

Duration: The duration of support will be for a period not exceeding 3 years.

Funding Pattern: The funding pattern in the scheme would be 75:25 for all private and govt owned institutions (except for state funded institutions for which 100% funding would be considered)

Criterion for Selection: Apart from academic and research merits of the organizations, details of how the revival of the research facility will benefit the scientific community/MSMEs/ Start-ups will be taken into account for evaluating the proposals. Proven record of sample(s) analysed, publications, patents, different beneficiaries / stakeholders associated with the facility and other parameters like Scientific Social Responsibility/ industrial R&D components will be considered for screening of the proposals. The selection process will be through a peer review mechanism and visit to the organizations, if necessary. Expert Committee will evaluate the proposals and assist DST in making the final selection

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