Synergistic Training program Utilizing the Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (STUTI)

The Scheme ‘SynergisticTraining program Utilizing the Scientific and Technological Infrastructure’ (STUTI) is intended to build human resource and its knowledge capacity through open access S&T Infrastructure across the country. As a complement to the various schemes of DST funding for expansion of R&D Infrastructure at academic institutions, STUTI scheme envisions a hands-on training program and sensitization of the state-of-the-art equipment as well as towards sharing while ensuring transparent access of S&T facilities.

Methodology: The training will be conducted on a hub-and-spoke model approach. The Department of Science and Technology as the apex body will identify an Institute that shall function as a Project Management Unit (PMU). The hubs will essentially be Organizations having availed projects under FIST/ PURSE/ CURIE/ SAIF/ SATHI schemes. The PMU then shall act as a hub further identify host institutes/ departments in the catchment areas for coordinating and imparting the training in a smooth and efficient manner.

  • Organization of training program on DST supported R&D equipment targeting Scientists/ Professors/ PhDs and PDFs actively involved in research across various institutions in the country.
  • Organization of awareness program on R&D equipment/ facility for school students (Science stream) in catchment areas by means of short training and popular science events.

Eligibility: All Science (including Medical & Agriculture) and Engineering Departments/ Centres having received Government funding for developing R&D Infrastructure under various schemes of DST such as FIST, PURSE, CURIE, SAIF and SATHI are eligible to apply under the STUTI program.It is desirable that the applying institute has prior experience in organizing such trainings and at least 5-year experience of running an R&D facility. The institute should have H-index greater than 10 and i10-index greater than 500.

Nature of Support: The Scheme will provide grants for organizing training programs including boarding and lodging and travel expenses for participants, honorarium for the faculty, training material/ kit/ stationary and for organizing the awareness visit for school students. The PMUs shall also be provided grants for hiring staff for management and coordination of events.

Duration: The duration of support for each STUTI PMU will be for a period not exceeding 12 months, after which the performance shall be reviewed for further extension of tenure.

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Results of DST STUTI 2021 Program Proposals Recommended[PDF]259.92 KB
Results of DST STUTI 2021 Program Proposals Non-Recommended[PDF]345.58 KB

For more information contact:

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