Tribal Sub Plan: Technological Interventions for Tribal Empowerment (TITE)

TITE - the grant-in-aid scheme of the department under Tribal Sub Plan aims at improving living conditions and empowerment of scheduled tribes based on sustainable science and technology (S & T) activities/application.

S & T application/interventions are expected on the following by developing action research project:
To promote research, development & adaptation of S & T for improving quality of life of tribal groups
Initiation of location specific S & T based program in major socio-economic sectors.
To preserve traditional artisan skills, building on local innovation & local knowledge systems in designing local resource management strategies through participatory research approach.
To explore & promote alternative livelihood potential (wherever the present occupation is dwindling) on innovative community-based approaches and technological options to enhance field-level impact.
To improve existing equipment and machinery and introduction of new techniques/systems and complete technology package.
Broadening the impact of above S & T based   activities by promoting replication and scaling up of successful approaches leading towards empowerment and technical capacity building of tribal populations.
Priority Areas:
Land use, ecology, environment and energy by promoting S & T based activities which generate sustainable increases in production and productivity of natural resources including water resource management and spring recharge;micro-level Integrated watershed management;
Forests – Agriculture Interface and Indigenous people: Development, demonstration and extension  of viable & replicable models of S & T application  that ensures household level food security and improves livelihood opportunities
Effective and sustainable utilization of available natural resources including MFP and value addition to products based on traditional skills: innovative technologies and quality products, integration in the production chain;
Application of S & T for manpower development to generate alternate sources of income  through  sustainable  cultivation systems/diversified agriculture  and the establishment of non-farm enterprises at the micro and small scale level;
Facilitation of technology mission mode projects by complementary activities;
Sensitizing voluntary agencies, scientists of laboratories and related agencies to S & T approach for tribal development through short-term brain-storming workshops and awareness generation to possible technology options ; and
Other activities, which would complement these objectives, like workshops, seminars, publications, etc.


The proposal particularly on S & T application under TITE scheme should include the list of intended beneficiaries in terms of their tribes (should not be less than 50 %). The project related to livelihood aspects should clearly propose a strategy in which livelihoods are developed /strengthened as micro- enterprises and establish effective and appropriate delivery systems for inputs and for the maintenance of assets and resources as well as strengthening of local institutions that relate to livelihood development and empowerment.