• Online application form for registration/renewal of tourist taxi in Goa

    This is the online application form for registration of new tourist taxi or renewal of existing tourist taxi in the State of Goa. Users must fill up this form with details such as name, mobile number, email id, address, tourist area, etc.

  • Book tickets of Air India flights online

    Book flight tickets online provided by the Air India (AI). Users can choose to book flight for one way or return journey. This service gives an option to senior citizens, youth, students, government and military persons to book as a concessionary passenger as per the eligibility conditions. For booking purpose, information about destination of departure and arrival, departure and return dates, category of travellers, class of travel and promo code are required to be filled in the form. Payments for booking can also be made online.

  • Form Test

    Form Test Form Test Form Test Form Test Form Test Form Test Form Test Form Test