Hydrogen Research Initiative (HRI)

Hydrogen is a versatile and clean fuel which can be used for power, transportation and storage applications. Fuel Cell is a device which uses Hydrogen as fuel to produce electricity with heat and water as by product. As Hydrogen fuel cell emits only water, there are no carbon emissions and no air pollutants that cause health problems.

1. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (HFC)

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (HFC) programme focuses to develop transformational technologies that reduce the cost of hydrogen production, distribution & storage, diversify the feedstock available for economic hydrogen production, enhance the flexibility of the power grid and reduce emissions through novel uses of low-cost hydrogen.

The programmes aims to reduce the production cost of fuel cell systems to be used in transport applications, while increasing their lifetime to levels which can compete with conventional technologies, increase the electrical efficiency and the durability of the different fuel cells used for power production to levels which can compete with conventional technologies.

2. Renewable and Clean Hydrogen

Renewable and Clean Hydrogen programme has the objective to accelerate the development of a hydrogen economy by identifying and overcoming key technology barriers to the production, distribution, storage and use of hydrogen at gigawatt scale. The programme focuses collaborative research and demonstration efforts from both public and private sectors on industry-directed breakthroughs which have a realistic prospect of underpinning commercial renewable and clean hydrogen applications (and implied target prices).

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Call for Oriented Research & Technology Development Proposals on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (HFC)- 2018

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India Country Status on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

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