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The Department of Science and Technology (DST) is providing facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to researchers through its Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities (SAIF) Programme so that the non-availability of these instruments in their institutes may not come in the way of scientists in pursuing R&D activities requiring such facilities and they are able to keep pace with developments taking place globally. Eighteen Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities (SAIFs) which provide sophisticated analytical instruments to users are functioning at IIT, Chennai; IIT Mumbai; CDRI Lucknow, Panjab University, Chandigarh; NEHU, Shillong; IISc Bangalore, AIIMS New Delhi, Guwahati University, Guwahati; IIT, Roorkee, C.V.M., VallabhVidyanagar, Gujarat, STIC, Cochin,  University of Rajasthan, Jaipur,Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology (IIEST), Shibpur, IIT Patna, MG University, Kottayam, Karnataka University,Dharwad, Guru GhasidasVishwavidalaya, Bilaspur.  SAIFs mostly housed to high-end equipments such as SEM, TEM, EPMA, HR-MS, NMR, EPR, X-Ray Facilities, Thermal Analyser etc. which are normally not available at many academic Institutions due to their high cost. 

Annually, about 10,000 scientists/users are utilizing these facilities at various SAIFs across the country. Besides this, the SAIFs regularly organize short term courses/training programmes on use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques to create awareness among the users about them and on maintenance/repair/operation of instruments for technicians.

Objectives of the SAIFs

  • To provide services of facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to scientists and academicians from academic institutes, R&D laboratories and industries to enable them to carry out measurements for R&D work.
  • To acquire and develop capability for preventive maintenance and repair of sophisticated instruments.
  • To organize short term courses/workshops on the use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques.

SAIFs across the country

Presently there are 18 SAIF Centres are functioning across the country as they are located in the Map given below: -

These SAIF centres are equipped with different sophisticated analytical equipment’s for meeting the needs of researchers in all areas of Science and Technology.  Any individual researcher or group of researcher from any academic institutions or Industrial R&D or Industry can utilize the services of these analytical equipment facilities on nominal charges.  

  1. SAIF, IIT- Madras, Chennai [PDF]50.85 KB.
  2. SAIF, IISc., Bangalore[PDF]21.63 KB
  3. SAIF, IIT-Bombay, Mumbai[PDF]42.17 KB
  4. SAIF, AIIMS, New Delhi[PDF]7.13 KB
  5. SAIF, CDRI, Lucknow [PDF]41 KB41 KB –
  6. SAIF, Guwahati Univ., Guwahati [PDF]75.65 KB
  7. SAIF, Punjab Univ., Chandigarh[PDF]78.53 KB
  8. EPMA Facility, IIT Roorkee
  9. SAIF, NEHU, Shillong[PDF]10.74 KB
  10. SICART, CVM, Vallabh Vidyanagar[PDF]22.98 KB
  11. SAIF, Kochi

Being set up:-

  1. SAIF, Rajasthan University, Jaipur
  2. SAIF, IIT Patna
  3. SAIF, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  4. SAIF, Karnatak University, Dharwad
  5. SAIF, GGD Vishwavidalaya, Bilaspur
  6. SAIF, IIEST, Shibpur
  7. SAIF, M.G. University, Kottayam


General Information

The facilities provided by the SAIFs may be utilized by any user/organization on payment of nominal charges. The details about the procedure for using the facilities and the charges for sample analysis, information about short term courses/training programmes/workshops etc. can be obtained from the respective Heads of the SAIFs or the websites of the Facilities.

For more information contact:

Dr. Suchita Lokhande
Scientist C
R&D Infrastructure Division
Department of Science & Technology
Technology Bhawan
New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110 016
Tel: 011-26590243
Email: suchita[dot]lokhande[at]nic[dot]in

Mr. S S Kohli
Head & Scientist 'G'/ Adviser
R&D Infrastructure Division
Department of Science & Technology
Ministry of Science and Technology
Technology Bhawan
New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110 016
Tel: 011-26590499
Email: sskohli[at]nic[dot]in