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Science and Engineering Research Board

The  Science  and  Engineering  Research  Board  (SERB)  is  a  statutory  body established  through  an  Act  of  Parliament.  Supporting  basic  research  in  emerging areas  of  Science  &  Engineering  are  the  primary  and distinctive  mandate  of  the Board. The Board structure,  with both financial and administrative powers vested in the  Board,  would  enable  quicker  decisions  on  research  issues,  greatly  improving thereby our responsiveness to the genuine needs of the research scientists and the S&T system

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SERB Constitution Notification

Technology Development Board

With a view to providing financial assistance to the industrial concerns for the development and commercialisation of indigenous technology in a dynamic economic environment The Government of India constituted a Technology Development Board on 1st September 1996. As a Statutory Body under the Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi. The Technology Development Board invests in equity capital and gives soft loan to the industrial concerns and other agencies as applicable to-

Attempting the development and application commercial of indigenous technology.
Adapting imported technology to wider domestic application.

The Board has provided financial assistance to 97 projects in the emerging areas of health and medical. Engineering, Chemical, Agricultural, Energy and Waste Utilisation, Air and road transport, Information technology and telecommunication, etc.

The Board has also instituted two National Awards for the successful commercialisation of indigenous technology as per below:

  • Cash award of Rs.5 lakh each to
    • An industrial concern, which has successfully commercialised
    • The developer/provider of such technology.
  • Cash award of Rs.2 lakh to
    • An SSI unit which has successfully commercialised a product based on indigenous technology.

Awards will be given annually on the Technology Day, i.e. 11th May every year.

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