Application Formats


(The R & D project proposal (Single hard copy with all endorsements/ enclosures) along with a corresponding softcopy in Word and pdf formats should be submitted to The Head, ICPS Division (krmm at nic dot in). Format is as prescribed below)

General Information

1.0 Project title                                               :

1.1       Priority area and sub-area     :

1.2       Duration (in months)                                      :

1.3       Total cost (in Rs Lakhs)                       :

1.4       Foreign Exchange (FE) component, if any:    

1.5       Principal Investigator(s) and Co-PI's   :

1.6       Designation                                                     :

1.7       Department & Institution name      :

1.8       Address                                                           :

1.9       Date of Birth                                                   :

1.10     Gender                                                            :

Aadhar Number/PAN, if available

Whether Belong to SC/ST

1.11     Telephone, mobile, fax and email      :

1.12     Collaborating Institutions, if any  :

1.13     Project summary (One page)       :

1.14     Objectives                                                       :

2.0       Problems intended to be addressed by proposed project :

3.0       Applicability/ usage and future potential of the outputs/Technologies of proposed project :

3.1       Who has identified the problem and its relevance to the objectives of ICPS ?

3.2       How will the project outputs dovetail into the overall Research strategy of ICPS ?

3.3       What are the likely impacts foreseen in the ICPS subject area or related areas ?

3.4       If the aim of the project is to develop an Operational System/ Deployment then when the project will become self-sustaining. Who are its potential users (Govt/ PSU's/ Private Industry/ Academics/start-up's etc) and suggest the enablement path.

4.0       International Review status (one page)      :

4.1       National Review status (One page)                            :

4.2       Gap area(s) identified between International and National :

(It should be based on National and International Review status)

4.3       How this project will address the identified gap at the End-of-project (establish relation between project objectives and identified gap areas) :

5.0       Work plan (Max 5 pages, detailed plan of granulation of research problem into work elements, time lines for each work element completion and plan of aggregation/ analysis of results, prototyping, pilots etc)

5.1       Approaches / detailed methodologies/ proposed experimentations of  the research work/ plan :

5.2       Relevance of the project to the work already going on in the organisation :

  1. Implementation arrangements proposed for the project (linkages and management structure) :
  2. Suggested plan of action for utilisation of expected outputs from the project :

5.4       Suggestions for replicability and/or scaling-up of the research outcomes from the project:

5.5       Expected/ Foreseen risks of implementation of the project, if any :

6.0       Budget estimates : (consolidated budget in a single tabular sheet)

{A sample sheet is given below, modify the contents as per Investigators requirements, budget needs to be calculated under each year based on notified salary structures of DST, Example, JRF-2 post, Rs (12000PM+30%HRA)x2 postsx12months is for Ist year and so on}

S No

Budget Head

Budget in Rs Lakhs

1st year

2nd year

3rd Year



Project Staff





1. SRF-2 nos





2. JRF-3 nos





3. Scientist-1

















1. PC





2. software





3. database





4. data logger











Domestic Travel
























Institutional overheads






Grand Total





Note: 1. Project staff could be Scientists, SRF's, JRF's, RA-1,II,III, etc. For details with regard to various grades, qualifications, experience, remuneration etc, details are at Download The file ( bytes) in Icon and also refer GOI guidelines issued time to time.

2. The above Budget Heads/ Number of years are indicative, based on requirement, PI can propose new Heads and or delete Heads/ Years.


6.1       Justifications (It should be on sound scientific basis, technical reasoning and substantiating why the project can not be implementable without the budget/Heads proposed by PI)

  1. Justifications for project staff                                           :
  2. Justification for equipment                                               :
  3. Justification for FE component, if FE                                :
  4. Justification for other budget Heads and Amount           :


7. Is Institute registered with Public Financial Management System (PFMS, formerly called CPSMS) i.e., at  ? (Yes/No)

If Yes then provide unique code:

If No then first register with PFMS and provide the unique code:

8.0       Biodata of investigators (Not more than a page for each PI/, co-PI :


PROJECT Title                                     :

Name(s) of the PI's and Co-PI's        :

1. I/We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the DST grant.

2. I/We did not submit this or a similar project proposal elsewhere for financial support.

3. I/we have explored and ensured that equipment and basic facilities will actually be available as and when required for the purpose of the project. I/We shall not request financial support under this project for procedure for procurement of these items.

4. I/We undertake that spare time on permanent equipment and will be made available to other Researchers/ users.

5. I/We undertake to submit progress reports, Statement of Expenditure (SE)/ accounts, Utilisation Certificates (UC) etc covering upto 31st March every year till completion of the project as prescribed by DST.

6. I/We have enclosed the following materials:

a.         Endorsement from the Head of the Institution (on letter head)

b.         Certificate from Investigator (s)

c.         Completed Proposal one hard copy

Date:                                                                                       Signature of PI/PI's


Date:                                                                                       Signature of Co-PI's


Note: Signatures with stamp of each PI's, co-PI's is essential.


PROJECT TITLE                                                :

Name(s) of the PI's and Co-PI's        :

It is certified that the Institute welcomes participation of above as the Principal Investigator(s) and/or Co-PI(s) for the project. The research proposal falls in line with the normal research activities of the Institution.

  1. Certified that the equipment other basic facilities and such other administrative and accounting facilities as per terms and conditions of the grant will be extended to the investigator throughout the duration of project. In case of PI/Co-PI leaving the institution or proceeding on a long leave during the project period, a prior permission will be sought from DST before relieving/sanctioning.
  2. Institute assumes the financial and other management responsibilities of the project including timely submission of Progress Reports, UC's and SE's and facilitate in conducting external audit, if required.

Name of the Head of Institution

Signature with stamp


Place :