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Technology Development Scheme


Water Technology Initiative, initiated in August 2007 aims to promote R&D activities aimed at providing safe drinking water at affordable cost and in adequate quantity using appropriate Science and Technology interventions evolved through indigenous efforts. Since quality is the main consideration of safe drinking water, processes which imply nano-material and filtration technologies have been focused. The initiative also includes the pilot testing of credible number of products and referencing of selected technologies to the social context of the application region.
In pursuance of directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court, Technology Mission on Winning, Augmentation and Renovation (WAR) for Water has been launched in August 2009 to undertake research-led solutions, through a coordinated approach, to come out with technological options for various water challenges in different parts of the country


Department has developed necessary knowledge network for evolving customized technological solutions for water challenges suited to specific social context. Recognising the immense value of the expertise developed , continued need for scientific and technological inputs and insight gained during the course of implementation of R&D activities for addressing water challenges during the course of implementation of Technology Mission : Winning, Augmentation and Renovation of Water, the department proposes to continue the initiative with vigour to develop synergies with national and global R&D institutions, state governments, central ministries and other stakeholders. The activities of WAR for Water are now integrated with Water Technology Initiative. The implementation approach is a mix of the Mission implemented by DST and initiative mounted by DST.

Aims and Objectives :

This pro-active India – centric ‘solution science’ endeavour aims to strengthen the R&D capacity and capability to develop the technological solutions for existing and emerging water challenges facing the country.

  1. Promote national and collaborative developmental Research to address prevalent and emerging water challenges
  2. Capacity building of research professionals and water managers
  3. Evolve methodology for development of customised solutions suited to social context
  4. Develop synergies with line departments at Central/ State level for last mile connectivity of the research findings
  5. Evolve S&T based sustainable models with industry and recommend appropriate policy inputs
  6. Conduct techno- economic-social analysis of technologies and their suitability in specific context
  7. Support Impact assessment Studies/ development of Research Packages/ Technology Status Reports and other documentation required by different users/ agencies
  8. Upscaling and Replication of technologies/ solutions to credible scale


This demand oriented user centric initiative includes development research in laboratories as well as application research in field. The scope of initiative covers the entire value chain of R&D right from water oriented basic and applied research, pre competitive technology development , technology based classification & assessment of technology options, pilot-demonstration of technology leads from laboratories and academic institutions assessment of available technology options to evolve a basket of technology options and mounting of technically, socially, environmentally and eventually affordable convergent solutions based on evolving,novel as well as known technologies suited to socio-economic context .

It also envisages to nurture enabling activities such as human and institutional capacity building such as fellowships for researchers, training of water managers to enable identify and select most appropriate technology option, promoting centers of excellence for water research and nurturing nascent water technologies for last mile connectivity etc.

Thrust Areas:

The thrust areas for initiative dynamically evolve based on need for technology based solution from the users, requirement of R&D inputs by stakeholders, assessment of S&T requirements to enable achieve technology prowess in water sector etc. The thrust areas specific to call for proposals are articulated in call document uploaded on DST website periodically.


Depending on the objectives of the activities specified in the call for proposal launched from time to time, the projects could be proposed by

  1. Individual academicians and scientists working in public/ private/ voluntary sector, S&T based voluntary organisation ;
  2. Academic and R&D Institutions, Enterprises, State Government bodies such as S&T Councils , Autonomous bodies working in water sector; and
  3. Network of individuals/ institutions may be insisted in the event project activities require multi-disciplinary multi-institutional participation. Several such possible options could include research work by academic / R&D institutions in association with Industry / NGO, demonstration in consortia mode involving R&D institution/industry/NGO, state government line departments, S&T field groups and local panchayats.

Coverage Area:

The Initiative envisages to implement the programme through out the nation.


Proposals under WTI will be entertained only against specific call.The priorities and commitments of the Water Technology Initiative for every year are articulated in the “ Call for Proposals, which would appear on DST website in the month of April. The criteria for evaluation and evaluation procedure will be part of call document Interested applicants may apply against the call. However, next phase of projects supported earlier which are essential for logical conclusion of the project can be considered beyond the call domain.


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