Documents of NGCMA

Documents of National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority (NGCMA) (Applicable to Test Facilities)

  1. Master List of Documents of NGCMA[PDF]17.83 KB
  2. Information Brochure (GLP-100)[PDF]5.38 MB
  3. Terms and Conditions of NGCMA for obtaining and maintaining GLP certification (GLP-101)[PDF]237.12 KB
  4. Application Form of NGCMA (GLP-102)[PDF]230.41 KB
  5. Inspection Manual (GLP-103) : Available on request
  6. Procedures of NGCMA Secretariat (GLP-104)[PDF]2.41 MB
  7. Document and Record Control Procedure (GLP-105) : Available on request
  8. Declaration of Impartiality & Confidentiality (GLP-106) : Available on request
  9. Training and Evaluation of GLP Inspectors (GLP-107) : Available on request
  10. Procedures for Handling of Complaints, Grievances and Appeals (GLP-108)[PDF]6.43 MB
  11. Scheduling of GLP Inspections by NGCMA (GLP-109) : Available on request
  12. Evaluation Procedures of Inspection Results(GLP-110)[PDF]6.4 MB
  13. Definitions of General Terms Used in NGCMA (GLP-111)[PDF]2.5 MB
  14. Technical Committee on GLP (GLP-112) : Available on request
  15. Policies and Procedures of NGCMA for taking adverse and other Decisions against Test Facilities(GLP-113)[PDF]6.28 MB
  16. Sharing of Information With Other Compliance Monitoring Authorities (GLP-114) : Available on request
  17. Maintaining the Records of NGCMA (GLP-115) : Available on request
  18. On-Site competence evaluation of trained GLP inspectors (GLP-116) : Withdrawn
  19. Feedback Form for Training Courses of NGCMA (GLP-117)[PDF]1.48 MB
  20. Feedback Form for Inspection Team by Test Facility (GLP-118)[PDF]1.26 MB
  21. Feedback Form of NGCMA by Stake Holder (GLP-119)[PDF]1.41 MB
  22. Office Based Inspection (GLP-120)[PDF]361.78 KB